Keep Track Of The Improvements In Your Penis-Size By Measuring It The Right Way

There is no denying the fact that with penis enlargement exercise, you are going to have assured gains in your size and girth. You might be well aware of the fact, and that's the reason you have preferred it. However, before you actually give it a start, you would be interested in knowing where you stand like what is the size of your penis now. Besides, once the regimen is started, you will want to keep track of the improvements.

Here, it's worth mentioning that there are many benefits of keeping track of the enhancements with penis exercising. It will not only make you more motivated towards your goal with every inch gain, but it also calls for the need of making changes if there aren't noticeable gains. Hence, it is actually quite important to keep track of your improvements with measuring your penis the right way. Here are a few important ideas in this context.

Few Aspects You Need To Be Aware Of

You can never expect fast and magical results with any approach to penis enhancements. You indispensably need patience and consistency to gain it with penis exercising.

It can be quite depressing to measure your penis every next day, and not being able to notice considerable changes. Now, with that said, there are two aspects, you need to take care of with your penis measurement.

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  • The frequency
  • And the way of measuring it

Let it be a weekly or a monthly affair to check your improvements. That way you would be able to notice considerable results and get yourself motivated. Besides, you need to be consistent with the way you prefer to measure it. Say for example, if you measure it while sitting on a chair or while standing, let it be the same way every time. Besides, you also need to keep the same technique for measuring it.

The Common Techniques of Measuring It

There are mainly two common techniques for measuring the length of your penis.

  • The bone-pressed method
  • The non bone-pressed method

In the former, you need to place a ruler above your tool, and record the measurement, while pushing the ruler up-to the pubic bone. However, in the non bone-pressed method, you need to be a little gentler, and barely touch your skin of the pubic area with the ruler. Both of these are equally precise techniques to measure the length of your tool.

For measuring the girth of your erect penis, again there are two good methods. You can directly wrap a measuring tape all around the circumference of your tool, and take the measurement. Besides, you can also warp any piece of string around, mark the measurement on it, and then finally record it through a ruler.

It Needs To Be the Same Method, Always

No matter, whichever technique you follow, it needs to be the same always. Besides, there are usually variations in the circumferences at different regions of the penis. Hence, it's advisable to take the measurement of the base, mid-shaft, and glans of your penis. Now, you can easily keep track of the improvements in your penile size with every passing week or month.

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