Measure Your Penis And Chart The Gains To Say Motivated

At some point or other in their lives, almost every man measures the size and girth of his penis. While most of them do it the wrong way, few measure it properly. In a way, almost every man is curious to know about the exact measurement of his endowment. This is even more prominent in males, who are into penis exercising.

If you have ever visited a gym, you might have noticed people in front of big-sized mirrors, analyzing the growth and boost in their muscles, same is the case with penis exercising too. Hence, those who make efforts to enhance their penis sizes, measure it regularly. In fact, it's quite good to measure your tool, and chart the improvements.

After all, that's the best thing to keep yourself motivated for penis exercising. Besides, if you find that there are not considerable improvements, you might also wish to change your regimen or approach. Anyways, here are a few important ideas that you need to be aware of, to measure your penis and chart its growth.

The Right Time and Way To Measure It

By the way, at what point of time in the whole day, do you prefer to measure your penis? Experts say that it is better to measure your tool during the morning time, when you just wake up with an erection. It's easy to retain your erection and of course that will facilitate the whole process.

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Now, as far as the right technique to measure your penis is concerned, there are mainly two ways each to measure its length and the girth. To measure the length of your penis, the two ways are:

  • Bone-pressed method, where you place the measuring ruler above your tool and push it into your pubic bone
  • Non Bone-pressed method, where you place the ruler about your penis, but merely touch the pubic zone's skin

You can measure the girth of your penis in the following two ways:

  • By apping a piedirectly wrapping a measurement tape all around your penis's circumference, and checking the measurement
  • By wrce of string around it, and then measuring the length on a ruler

Be Consistent With Your Measurement Approach

You may opt for any of these mentioned approaches for measuring your tool. However, the only thing you need to take care of is to retain the same technique every time. You needn't change the way, or else you would get varying and wrong results. Besides, while measuring the girth of your penis, you also need to ensure that it's the same position, along the shaft of your penis every-time, where you wrap the string or tape.

The Frequency of Measuring It

It's good to keep track of your improvements in penis size and girth. However, you needn't do that on a daily basis, or within an interval or only two or three days. You may make it a weekly or monthly affair. That way, you would be able to find noticeable results, and would be content with it.

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