You Needn't Let Premature Ejaculations Embarrass You Anymore

Your partner seems quite excited and in mood tonight. She is all set to have an exciting session with you, and make the night really special. You too want to provide her with an incredible sex-experience, but you fear a lot of aspects. Deep inside, you lack the confidence, and you know that you aren't going to perform well. You know how short the “fun-time” is, for you. After all, you have never been able to control your ejaculations for more than few seconds. Yet, you want to give your best shot.

She initiates her moves, and things start well. However, with mere few sensations and exciting visuals, you lost the control. You shed all your loads, as you could not help it. Indeed, it's embarrassing and frustrating. She loses the charm and interest, and probably it's the end of tonight's episode. You could hardly manage to wish her goodnight, and both of you turned to your sides in the bed.

Pre-mature ejaculation or early ejaculation, or ejaculation with little sexual stimulation and sensation, is quite a common issue with most males. In fact, as per the researchers, every man at some point of his life deals with this issue. While, some are fortunate enough to figure out the reason and the way to deal with it. The others spend their lives with a feeling of guilt, depression, embarrassment, and of course with a bad sex-life. Is it meant to be that way? Are you actually the culprit, and do you need to spend your life with this guilt?

No, you should not, as early ejaculation is just a common condition with most males. The reason for the same could be as simple as stress or emotional disturbance to even performance anxiety or biological factor. Whatever it might be, here are a few effective ways to deal with it and to get a complete control on it.

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Considering Sex as a Fun Time and Not a Marathon

Most of you guys have this problem. You just want to make it really pleasurable for her. Hold on! It isn't a marathon anyway. You need to consider making love as a mutual pleasure, and to enjoy each and every moment of it. Don't be anxious about your performance, rather you need to focus more on foreplay and having fun together. Let things go easy and simple.

The Start-Stop Technique

Ask those men, who have implemented this technique, and you will come to know as how effective it can be in delaying your ejaculation for long. There is no rocket-science, and you just need to follow what the name of the technique suggests. Start you thrusts and moves. Let it go to just below the point of no return, and then stop it completely for few minutes. Try it, it's really effective.

Masturbating As a Warm up “Exercise” Before the Session

This is also quite effective. You just need to experience a little of the fun yourself, all alone, and then proceed with a stress-free and relaxed mind for the actual session.

Sex Secret #4

Every woman likes to gossip. So, when it comes to sex, you are surely bound to be a good topic to be discussed over a hot cup of tea. So, you need to give her something good to talk about. You need to be the best lover that she has ever had and put your sexual experience to test. If she is happy and satisfied with your performance, she is going to talk nonstop with you. If she has a secret fantasy of indulging in threesome sex, then she might even share your contact details with her friend and tell her what an amazing time you guys are going to have.

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