How To Increase The Width Of The Penis In Safe Manner

Small sized penis is no longer a concern these days. There are many medical ways to cure this problem. Many of the treatments are not at all expensive, as compared to the others. All you need to do is discuss the issue with a doctor, who will recommend you some tests to determine the problem.

Micro-sized penis is a serious medical problem, where the average size of the tool is much less than the normal ones. If your penis measures approximately less than 2 inches after erection then you have a micro sized penis. There is nothing to panic in such a situation, as you can lead a healthy and normal sexual life like others do, post treatment.

Does small-sized penis affect your sexual life?

Men who suffer from extremely smaller sized tool usually do not enjoy sex, as they desire to. Such a situation affects them physiologically and reduces their confidence level. Instead of trying anything and everything to increase the size, it is suggested that you consult a doctor. They will let you know what exactly needs to be done to overcome this problem.

Such men lack confidence when they have to interact with women, and make every excuse to indulge in sexual relationship. They are definitely not comfortable in disclosing this secret to anyone, even to their closest family members or friends. It is fine to feel embarrassed, but it is wrong to dwell with this negative thought.

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Effective ways to increase the size of your manhood:

There are different medical ways through which you can naturally increase the size of the manhood. One of the best methods is the cosmetic filler, which is performed by experts. The Restylane SubQ injection is used to fill the face volume and add fullness to your face. In the same way, the experts use injection to increase the size of your penis.

It increases the width of your manhood, thus giving it a perfect look. This technique has been successful, as stated by the Korean Urologists in the famous ‘The Journal of Sexual Medicine.' Such a medical treatment was conducted on a small group of 50 men, who were suffering from relatively smaller sized penis.

These men were treated at the Korea University. The SubQ filler is an injection that uses hyaluronic acid gel. This particular injection is injected on the layer of the penis. Once it is done, the experts sculpt into a roller. The result was checked after one month and then after 18 months.

During this period, the men were examined for by adverse affect of such injections. In addition, the size of the penis was measured to check if it was increased. Men whose penis measured 7.5 cm in girth were measured at 11.3 cm. This was indeed good news for people, who were not happy with the size of their penis.

In addition, their sexual satisfaction was taken into consideration. Such men and their partners were quite happy with their sexual life.

Take Your Lover By Surprise

Women like surprises from their partners. Sex after a point of time can become boring. The sexual moves she liked before can bore her now. So, you actually need to be on your toes and try to find out new ways to being back the spice in your love life. Begin by improving your kissing style. Bring in the element of surprise her. Kiss her when she least accepts it. Hug her from behind and slowly back her up against the wall or door. Kiss her passionately and see how quick she responds to your kisses. When you take her by surprise, do not scare her that she actually freaks out on you. The idea is to surprise her and not give her heart attacks.

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