Sexual Fitness And Its Various Aspects

Sex is as important as food, water, and air for every human being. In biological terms, your body craves for sex and has a desire for sexuality. As a basic necessity, men try to improve their sex lives and calm down the desires of having sex.

Physical Form of Sexual Fitness

The brain of a human being is programmed in such a way that it craves for sex and desires for it. In such a case, it is completely understandable, why a man wants to be sexually fit and enhance his penis. The basic reason is to be sexually fit and give a good performance every time he has sex.

Sexual fitness in terms of physicality can be specified as

  • Volume of ejaculation
  • Size of the penis
  • Strength of erection
  • Knowledge of sexual techniques and positions, and
  • Frequency of erections

Having a decent knowledge and a big penis is just a part of being sexually fit. Instead one would prefer having a fully functional and strong penis. Having a strong and big penis is important only if you have the ability to use it in the best possible way and provide your woman with pleasurable moments, which she'll remember for a very long time.

Mental Form of Sexual Fitness

Similar to penis enhancement, training your mind too might take a lot of time and patience. In order to attain quick results, self-discipline and self-control is extremely important.

Some of the ways which specify mental form of sexual fitness are-

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  • Arousal control
  • Ejaculation control
  • Sexual confidence

You need to have good control on your tendency to get aroused and ejaculate. Mental fitness and self-control is extremely important in both the cases. When your penis is inside the woman, you will want to experience maximum pleasure and ejaculate as late as you can. This is possible only if you have a stress free mind and are actually enjoying what you're doing. Once you start worrying about what's going to happen, there will you lose everything and cut short the pleasure.

Awareness Sexual Fitness

Providing and receiving positive feedback from your woman is a great turn on. You need to be completely aware of the likes and dislikes of your lady while having sex. Feel her, pamper her, make her feel like a queen with your gentle touches, and she will completely surrender herself to you.

Never rush into things when you are with her. This might turn her off completely and get you in a fix. Instead go slow, and give foreplay as much time as you can. With a strong penis and good control over your emotions, you will be bound to give her ultimate satisfaction and achieve pleasure for your own self.

Sexual fitness awareness can be specified by

  • Knowledge of female anatomy
  • Female sexuality
  • Feeling the woman's body

Just having a long penis doesn't ensure that you are sexually fit. There are other aspects too and which needs to be taken good care of. Be confident of your abilities and have a strong mind to succeed and pass on the pleasure.


Every woman is different. While some might be pretty, others might have some unique talent that attracted you to them in the first place. Men love ogling at woman. So, you might want to make the best use of your eyes when you seduce your woman. She would like it if you compliment her on her features or the things that you like about her. Make her feel loved by telling her how you felt the first time you met her. Keep sex talk to the minimum. The idea here is to seduce your woman with words and win her trust and affection. Sex is the bonus added here if things go as planned. She will truly view you in a new light and the respect for you would reach new levels in her eyes.

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