Male Characteristics That Every Female Prefer Instinctively

Women's expectation about male body parts that turn them on can blow your mind away. Moreover, you will quickly realise that you need to hit the gym more number of times. Besides the body parts, females love their men to be properly groomed. A man with pronounced features assures her intuition that she is connecting with a genuine masculine man.

Several physical characteristics that women are happy about in a man include –

  1. Broad shoulders – Majority of women like guys having sharply shaped shoulders because it is a sign of masculinity and strength. They love to see them move their muscles and get immeasurably excited, when they run their fingers across the broad lean shoulders.
  2. Chiselled chest – Perfect Pecs are fantasy of female's day dream. They envision what a male's torso would appear like under his shirt.
  3. Bulging biceps – Well-defined, rippling muscles just does not signify strength, but also indicate that you seriously take care of your health. This is one thing that females love – men who take care of things.
  4. Luscious lips – Females love men with full mouth that not only look appealing, but also they imagine doing many intimate things with them.
  5. Tantalizing tongue – Man's ability to make use of his tongue like it was a penis is what females appreciate a lot. Everything from intimate kissing to teasing the clitoris to penetrating her makes her feel shaky.
  6. Hygienic hands – A man's hands display a great deal about him. It indicates his grooming characteristic and many females love sucking a guy's finger and imitates fellatio, so do not forget to keep them in tiptop shape.
  7. Honed hips – Males prefer girls with narrow hips, surprisingly females also like to hold males narrow hips during sex.
  8. Awesome abs – No girl would desire to have sex with a man, who has to actually lift his belly to penetrate in. Taut stomach is one of the prerequisite needed in the bedroom.
  9. Primed penis – Females differ in their expectation about penis size. Some females do not spell out that size matters, but they agree that they need a mass that is good and plenty. In addition, properly spruced groin area is also important.

Things that females mention about penis are –

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    • Not too veiny (Streaked)
    • Proportionate skin colour of the penis and body
    • Uncircumcised
    • Circumcised
    • Not too big
    • Not too small
    • Thick
    • Smelling nice
  1. Butt – females feel that only athletic guys have slight curved or half-moon butts.

When all the above given traits are high-lighted in a specific male, women will choose him over the ones with less prominent characteristics.

Women's natural instinct

Nature has designed women to search for such traits in a man. It is not their personal choice, but their impulse. Attraction towards men is for sex and security. Penis signifies a male's manhood and masculinity just like his voice. Deep voice means more mannish - similarly no one would oppose with the reality that females consider a big penis as masculine.


Trying out sexual techniques with new props and stuff can take your sexual pleasures to new levels. If she is comfortable with the idea, discuss on your plan of action. Try experimenting with your taste buds. The use of tongue to lick her erotic zones can be made more pleasurable by using flavoured oils, chocolate or even cream. Bear in mind this can become a messy experience, so you need to be prepared well in advance. If she is ok with the idea, you can blindfold her and feed her strawberries or cherries. Place a cherry onto her clitoris and suck on it. Ask her to buy some flavoured lip-gloss and guess the flavour when you kiss her.

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