Hold On! Is She Really Worth Pursuing

Men will be men. A sexy body and a cute face will always get them hooked to any woman, irrespective of whether she is a classy or quality woman or not. ‘Quality woman', means one who loves your company, and respects your feelings, without being concerned about your bank balance.

The context may remind you of some unpleasant past experience. Well, if that's the case, let it pass by, and be thankful to God that you haven't encountered any such girl since then. Anyways, the fact is, it's mainly a guys mistake when he tries to impress a girl without knowing whether she is good for him or not. Besides, if you have always failed in figuring out whether a girl is actually worth pursuing or not, a few effective ideas can be of great help in this context.

Taking Her to Simple Places and Not the Expensive Ones

Yes, you may always take her to a very expensive restaurant, or to some other posh place, not only to hang out with her but most significantly to impress her. Besides, for sure, like most of the girls she too would like it. However, that will simply mean that you would always be throwing money on her.

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A better idea instead, would be to spend your time with her in some park or other simple place where both of you can just talk and get to know each other. This would simply convey her that you are not among those guys, who are ready to spend a lot of money for her. As a matter of fact, the way she reacts to it, and her expression would give you an idea as whether she can be maintained easily or not.

Discussing About Her Bad Experiences in Dating

Yes, it might sound a bit awkward, in fact ridiculous to discuss about her past experiences and that too the bad ones. However, on a different prospect, it could be really beneficial for her and most significantly for you too.

She might feel easy, light-hearted, and of course comfortable with you, after discussing those unpleasant experiences in dating. Besides, you get to know a lot more about why she considers those as bad. If it was because of material reasons, then it's already a red-signal for you. In other cases, you would get to know the ‘Don'ts' that you need to avoid with her. Giving your opinion too, in such a context might help you in impressing her ever more.

How About Discussing Her Academic Or Professional Life

Do you think it's of any use? Yes, it is. It will let you know whether she is an ambitious girl or not, and whether she takes her life seriously. In case, if she doesn't seem that interested in such stuff, it may not be a good idea to let her enjoy your company. In other cases, you would get to know more about her, and her dreams. Needless to mention, most of them love talking about themselves.

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