Relationship Between Erect And Non-Erect Penises – Equaliser Theory Exposed

‘Equalizer' is a theory used to calm depressed males, who worry a lot about their penis size. This usually happens after they see their large flaccid and try to gather information from net or from other sources.

The expression ‘The Great Equalizer' was published in Johnson and Kolodny's book (1986). It described that even though male penises are small, when they are in non-erected position. Also the erection doesn't give great volume to their size, which increases their concern.

This is a misleading phrase used by sex therapists that even though a flaccid ding varies in dimensions they are similar in erections. Let's compare some sizes and find if the great equalizer theme is appropriate or not.

Relationship between flaccid penis and erect one

Penises differ from 3 cm to 15 cm that differs 5 times in size. Alternatively an erect penis fluctuates from 8 cm to 22 cm that is a little less than three times. Below you will see that penises are divided in five different sizes to get a correct picture of it in an erect and non-erect state.

Size 1: Usually males with small penises are covered in this category.

  • Flaccid - 5.5 cm (2.2”)

  • Erect - 10 cm (4”)

  • Percentage - 5% males

Approximately, 5% males are endowed with size 1. In every 20 men there are 5 of them who have small ones, which is not rare. These penises slightly point out horizontally instead of hanging down.

Even though these penises are small they proportionately develop double the size, which is the phenomenon of erection spoke quite often as the great equalizer. This indicates that there is less difference between an erect penis and flaccid penis.

Size 2: Men with penises less than average fall under size two.

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  • Flaccid - 5.5 cm - 8 cm

  • Erect - 10 cm - 13 cm

  • Percentage - 20% men

Penises are rather thumb length and not horizontal but hang down partially or totally, when flaccid. The fact is that one out of every four men is just that small or big.

Size 3: This category is popular as an average size.

  • Flaccid - 8 cm – 10.5 cm

  • Erect - 13 cm – 16 cm

  • Percentage - 50% males

The penises completely hang down to the testicles bottom or a little lower.

Size 4: These dicks are flaunted by men on beaches or locker rooms misleading people endowed with size 1 and size 2. So what is an average size?

  • Flaccid - 10.5 cm – 13 cm

  • Erect - 16 cm – 19 cm

  • Percentage - 20% men

Men with 10.5 cm to 13 cm long penises are comfortable and do not acquire any complexes.

Size 5: The big size penises that are flaunted by stars of in every porn movie are included in this group.

  • Flaccid - Over 13 cm (5.1”)

  • Erect - Over 19cm (7.5”)

  • Percentage - 5% men

Only one man out of 5 has this kind of big and heavy penis.


Size 1 penises evolve from 2” to 4” which is double its size that is 200% more – this is big. Average size is 3.15” that grows to 5.11” that is approximately 150% more. This indicates that a flaccid small penis evolves a lot more than large ones, but is not sufficient to make the theme great equalizer a truth, because erection is still smaller than other male's flaccid size.


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