Circumcision In New Born Baby Boys

To circumcise or not is an on - going debate for many people these days. While many might say that it is better to have the penis circumcised, others might not be in favor for this idea. While adult men can make the decisions on their own, the issue lies with parents of new born baby boys. In this article we will discuss on whether circumcision is safe for babies or not and what is the ideal time for babies to undergo circumcision if parents in favor of it.

To Circumcise or Not

Celebrating the joy and happiness of welcoming your new bundle of joy into the world has no bounds. Many parents before taking their sons to their homes have an important decision to make. The decision to make being; whether to have their sons circumcised or not. For many of the families, this decision is easier to make as it is based on cultural and religious sentiments or beliefs.

But for others, this might be a difficult decision to make as you might not have a clear idea whether it is the right option for your child or not. In such situations it is always better to consult your doctor and understand the pros and cons of circumcision.

Based on studies approximately 55 to 65% of newborn baby boys are circumcised in US. Routine circumcision is generally performed by doctors during the first week of birth either in hospitals or at any religion ceremonies. Circumcision for new born are done using general anaesthesia. This procedure might not be recommended for premature babies or babies with physical abnormalities in the penis due to health complications.

American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) and Circumcision

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The recent amendment in the AAP policy, states the following

  • The preventative health benefits of circumcision for new borns, clearly outweighs the risks associated with it.
  • It also emphasizes that the procedure for circumcision should be covered by third party payers such as Medicaid, thereby making the procedure accessible to more families

The pros of going in for infant circumcision are that baby boys are less likely to develop urinary tract infections during the first year of their birth. Secondly, circumcised men are at lower risk of developing penile cancer and penile infections such as herpes and papillomavirus.

Does Circumcision Hurt Infants

If parents have decided to go in for circumcision for their infant baby, then the next question that arises in their minds is the discomfort the baby will feel when circumcision is performed. Many of the doctors recommend having circumcision performed within 42 to 72 hours of birth.

The reason being; that the central nervous system for new borns is so immature that these infants will have no memory of the pain from circumcision. The AAP also recommends doctors to make use of local anaesthetics such as topical creams or injections that can reduce the pain for the infants.

Last but not the least it is the ultimate decision of the parents when they want to perform the circumcision for their baby.

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