Why You Should Keep Your Penis Clean? – Some Important Tips

You tend to keep your body clean and hygienic so as to stay away from any disease. Well, we all know that cleanliness is highly important for a healthy body. You clean hair, brush teeth and clean the fingernails, but you overlook your most important organ, penis.

For men, penis is most valued asset. However, surprisingly there are thousands of guys, who just forget to keep their vital organ clean and hygienic. The following article explains why you should keep your penis clean and how to do this.

Why it is so important?

Cleaning penis helps you stay away from any kind of penile dysfunction. Following are the main reasons that tell you why it is so important.

  • Avoid Smegma Build Up – Smegma keeps your penis moist. It is a kind of natural lubricant, which can build up easily and creates problems for men, who are not circumcised.
  • Avoid Balanitis – An unclean penis leads to bacteria build up on the head. It could eventually result in balanitis. It is a kind of bacterial infection that leads to a swollen, red and a painful penile head.
  • Maximize Your Exercising – While doing penile exercises, an unclean penis creates a lot of problems like irritation due to bacteria build up. A clean penis on the other hand is less prone for irritation, which helps you focus more and maximize your PE exercise.
  • Clean Penis Is Good For Sex – A clean penis is visually more appealing to women. This is particularly important in case of oral sex. An unclean penis produces offensive smell or taste that could eventually lead to turn her off.

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How to keep the penis clean?

When it comes to keep your penis clean, most of the people may think about those costly soaps and scrubs. Here, you don't need those dynamic scrubbing and antiseptic soaps to keep your penis healthy and hygienic. Make sure you don't make use of a soap which is too strong, as it can lead to the skin irritation.

The best way to keep your penis clean is to use-

  • Warm water,
  • Soft cloth to wash
  • A gentle and non-perfumed soap

If you have not circumcised your penis, take care while pulling foreskin back. Pull it gently, clean it and rinse thoroughly. Along with the shaft, make sure you clean the pubic area and the testicles. The hair present in the pubic area is a perfect entrap for bacteria. They moreover produce an offensive odor. Finally, make sure you clean the area between the anus and testicles.

Once you finish the cleaning process, make use of a clean soft towel to dry it. If you keep it damp after showering, it could lead to bacterial growth. A clean penis is a happy penis. It is always a good practice to clean your penile time to time. This would help you stay away from any penile problems, and please your partner in bed.

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