Stay Away From Wearing Padded Underwear – Deception Can Harm A Budding Relationship

Men are obsessed about displaying their penis size in the same way women flaunt their breasts. Females, who are not naturally endowed with sufficient breast, always try different ways to cure it.

Women start using breast enlargement creams, swallow pills or adapt plastic surgery. They even start using padded bras to highlight their femininity. They go through a lot of trouble because they are aware that males desire females with large breasts.

Similarly, males are also aware of the fact that women prefer large penis and they too go through a lot of trouble to attain a big ding – exercise, pills, creams or surgery to enhance their size.

Why wear male shaping underwear?

This weakness has brought about the invention of male padded underwear that provides the impression of hefty bulge. Manufacturers figured that if females have the appropriate support to emphasize their merchandise then men can do the same. So they called it – contour shaping enhancers or profile shaping underwear's, which are supposed to boost male confidence.

This package booster comprises of bulge pads and removable butts. You can look impressive with built-in pads just like females can look in padded bras. Males wear it for health or aesthetic reasons. Padded underwear provides them with more curves and full potent looking front.

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Every lady can admire the front and behind without detecting the padded support. Testicles can be kept close without them hanging low in a pair of padded briefs. It is an easy way to look naturally sexy and appealing. But if it is found out it can be just devastating.

Padded booster or deceptive underwear

A female would not find that attractive but deceptive for example just imagine a sexy guy, whose moustache falls off, while he is about to kiss your lips – it is shocking instead of disappointing. More than anything a padded underwear can turn out to be upsetting not because your penis is unappealing but because dishonesty is.

Be honest because if relationship develops she is eventually going to discover how your real shape is. Never pretend to have a bulge to impress girls. This is a deception that will never harm anyone directly but as soon as your impressive padded gear is removed she will feel downright betrayed.

Her expectations get crushed and she will consider you as a loser, because you are taking support of misleading tricks to impress a girl. Certainly, all her friends (boys and girls) will come to know very soon. Instead of facing this shameful situation, it is better to be a natural even though you are small.

Significance of penis size versus big breasts

You may be wondering how girls get past the deception they create with padded bras. Well, males love large breast but they are also interested in her vagina, so they get disappointed at first but once they penetrate her – everything is the past.

However for a woman penis size is vital, so they do not forgive any man for conning her to bed using fake underwear. This is a proof that females give more significance to male's penis size in comparison to men's favoritism of big breasts.

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