Better Ways To Combat Dreadful Disease Like Aids

Circumcise has been personal preferences. In some cases it opted by men due to emotional reasons and religious reasons. Sometimes, doctors might recommend this option to tackle some penis related medical problem. Regardless of the reasons, this concept has always received great attention, during discussions. Some of the men are absolutely fine with it, while others are not comfortable with it, no matter whatever the explanation or reasoning might be.

Medical experts have a good reason to support this concept. It has been proved that heterosexual men who opt for this option, are safer than the rest. It is indeed one of the effective therapies against dreadful diseases like AIDS and HIV. Also the chances of being infected by various sexual transmitted diseases are less in such men.

As per the experts, the foreskin of penis has special cells, which are quite delicate in nature. Thus it can easily attract virus that is not good for their health and immune system. Weaker immunity is more prone to life threatening diseases like AIDS.

Threats of HIV and AIDS:

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HIV and AIDS have become quite viral, and the number of people suffering from the same is increasing, year by year. Even World Health Organization has raised a concern about this issue, and finding ways to control the devastating situation. The number of cases is quite high in Africa, and thus a recommendation has been made for line circumcisions. However the tradition of the country doesn't allow the men to do so, but to avert the severity of the situation, this certainly seems to be the better option.

The task of circumcise of such a highly populated men is not an easy task at all, and also the number of surgeons who can perform this task is less. Even an expert surgeon, wouldn't be able to perform limited task at a given point in time.

Other options:

Experts are now working on designing devices, which will help doctors to perform this task with ease and in less time. also men would have to face less problem and pain, as compared to the conventional method. Also the technique is considered to be safer and reliable, in comparison to others. The results will be seen within weeks, and this particular feature makes it the most preferred option.

WHO is also considering the other method for performing circumcise, which is called as Shang Ring. It is a plastic device that consists of 2 rings and was developed in China. Though this system has been examined, but it requires a lengthy and cumbersome process. Here the excess foreskin is cut off beyond the clamp.

Before doing this, the nurse or the doctor needs to use anesthesia so that the surgery can be carried out. Nevertheless the problem is that this method is still not effective for performing the surgery on mass people. It is expected that there will be better and new ways found in near future to cure this problem. The mission is to fight back HIV together and untied.

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