Non Surgical Treatment For Prostate Cancer Is A Better Alternative Than Surgery

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers faced by men. Men suffering from prostate cancer have a high level of prostate specific antigen (PSA). Prostate cancer can be detected in the early stages through PSA screening and treated respectively. These days many people prefer to go through the non surgical treatment for prostate cancer than treating the cancer through surgery.

What Are the Non Surgically Treatment for Prostate Cancer

The non surgical treatment of prostate cancer is through active surveillance. This method is becoming a favourite of most of the doctors worldwide. This is a method of delaying the curative treatment for the cancer.

Under this method the cancer is closely monitored for signs of progression. Digital rectal examinations and PSA blood tests are administrated periodically along with repeated biopsy of the prostate for over one year or more. If the cancer is developing and spreading inside the patient, then the doctors might go in for the curative treatment such as radiotherapy or brachytherapy.

The main objective of the active surveillance is to minimize the chances of surgery in older people as the cancer often progresses slowly and can also limit the adverse effects from surgical treatments, thereby improving the quality of life in patients.

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What Urologists Have to Say for Active Surveillance

When a study was conducted by the North Central Section of the American Urological Association, the results were as follows:

  • Around 40% of the urologists favoured surgery as an option for treating prostate cancer
  • 32% recommended radiation therapy for their patients
  • The balance 21% recommended active surveillance for prostate cancer

In a study conducted by Dr. Simon Kim, the physicians were asked to recommend active surveillance as an option for patients suffering from low risk prostate cancer. The results showed that a majority of the physicians were in favor of active surveillance, saying that it is an effective tool for low risk prostate cancer, while the other preferred to go in for surgical treatments.

When to Go in For Action Surveillance

The ultimate decision, whether to go in for surgical or non surgical treatment for prostate cancer lies with the patients. The main challenge for doctors is to identify the patients who do not need immediate surgical treatments. Such patients can be determined by the criteria of age, medical conditions and the stage of the cancer.

Patients who are ideal candidates for active surveillance needs to have a low grade of Gleason, apparently 6 or under, PSA stage that need to be low in volume and those of them who are not sure whether to go in for surgery or not.

Active surveillance is a good option for older men suffering from medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes or any other medical disorders. The decision to go in for different treatments is best made with doctors after taking into consideration the pros and cons of each treatment. It is always better to diagnose the cancer at an early stage and get it treated immediately.

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