Why You Needn't Use Texting To Attract Her

You want her at the cafe by 8 pm to discuss something important, and so you text her. By that time, there is a text from your mother asking you to be at home 8 pm, anyhow. Problem it is, and so to handle it you just send a short, but convincing message to your mom saying that you would be a little late. She agreed, and everything is simplified. All thanks to this technology that lets you convey your messages easily.

No doubt, texting has become a very integral part of everyone's life these days. Besides, it's also undeniable that it is of great significance when you want to convey your short and quick message to someone. However, numerous guys have also been using it to get close to a woman, and to impress them. Now, the question is, is it a good idea to do so?

There Might Be a Misinterpretation

Believe it or not, but texting can be dangerous at times, especially when you are taking it too lightly. Remember, those are just few words, in-fact few phrases on a tiny screen. Needless to mention, most of the times these are just incomplete words. Hence, the receiver would interpret it, the way he wants to.

Now, you can yourself well understand how risky it can be with those girls who are already quite good at misinterpreting. Hence guys, why take chances? Just don't let those circumstances come into picture.

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Especially Not Advisable With A New Girl

As already said, texting isn't really a good idea to impress a girl. However, it's even worse if you are trying it with a new girl. How? Just give it a thought. You are a girl, and all of a sudden you receive a loving message from some strange number. Won't it be a bit a weird and awkward, rather than being a message conveying love?

Besides, even if the number is known to the girl, and she has known you for quite some-time, there won't be much difference in her reaction. Yes, only if she too ahs liking for you, the reaction would be different. However then, the context too is different.

Using ‘Texting' in A Better Way

By now, it might be clear to you as why texting isn't advisable to attract women, or to impress them. However, as always said, even the bad things can be utilized for better purposes, given the user is using it wisely.

Hence, so is the case with texting too in this context. You needn't directly say her that you love her, through a message. Yet, you may always send her a caring text to lighten her hectic day a bit, and change her mood with some humorous message at times. Besides, a girl would never mind regular messages from a guy to wish her good mornings, afternoons, and nights.

Finally, it's all up to you to whether to use texting in a better way or not. Yet, you needn't ever try it, to directly express your love, or just to impress her.

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