Increase Your Sexual Stamina Without Letting Her Know

The majority of men mainly concentrate on the size of the penis. They try different things to increase the size naturally. They try pills, PE, devices, and what not. Before you try so many things on your manhood, ask yourself a simple and basic question. Do you only need a big size penis to charm and amuse her in bed? You might answer it ‘Yes', but your partner will definitely have a different answer to it.

Along with the penis, your sexual performance and stamina also matters a lot. You need to satisfy her as well, and women need more time to reach climax as compared to men. At no point, you can ignore to consider these factors, as it matters a lot. She deserves equal satisfaction as you do, and you cannot disappoint her.

If you are suffering from premature ejaculation then it is your responsibility to work a way out. There are definitely lots of ways to improve your sexual performance, without actually disclosing it to anyone. If you haven't been able to satisfy her once or twice, don't lose your heart, you can always try it one more time.

Usually men, in such a situation tend to get down on their morale, which then affects their sexual performance. It is fine to see that your partner is not happy with your sexual performance, but it will be completely wrong to do nothing to try to work a way out of this problem. Don't let your ego overcome your capability to perform well in bed.

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There are different ways to improve your sexual performance, and they have proved better to the users. One amongst them is the climax control condoms. Unlike the other condoms that are available in the market, this one performs a different task altogether.

It helps men to control their ejaculation, which means you can spend quality time with her in bed. This condom is made up of special lubricants, which is meant to assist men to deal with the problem of premature ejaculation. The lubricant is made up of a product called benzocaine.

It is mainly used as a pain reliever and is handy for treating medical problems like Cepacol, Carmex, and Anbesol. In other words, it is widely used in different types of medicines and is quite safe to use. This product can numb the nerve endings when it is applied on the painful area.

The benefits of using such condoms:

As this product can numb the nerve endings, it reduces the sensation that is usually experienced by men during premature ejaculation. In other words, it helps you in enjoying orgasm, naturally. You don't have to worry about your partner, as she will not find any difference in the condom at all.

However, it is suggested that you try it once before deciding to use it forever. It is quite necessary to check if there are any side effects. If you feel a burning sensation or loss of erection, then it is recommended not to use it at all.

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