You Don't Want To Be Her “Just A Friend” For The Whole Life Right?

You like her, and find her really attractive. Hence, the very first thing that you would most likely do, like the other guys, would be to befriend her. After all, that's the easiest, and has always been the most conventional approach to get close to any girl. As a matter of fact, a girl has always wished to see a friend in her boyfriend or husband. Now, that justifies that you have climbed the very first step to get her.

Days, weeks, and at times even years pass on, and she gets habituated to you. Most significantly you, who were already allured to her, have started liking her even more and in fact passionately love her. It's with all your heart that you wish to express your feelings to her, and get her for the rest of your life as someone more than a friend. However, you fear rejection. You fear that you might hurt her that way, and most significantly you are scared of losing her. Hence, you think it's better to let things be the way as they have always been, without accepting it that it's going to hurt you someday.

Ask those men who have lost their ‘girls as friends', whom they love deep inside, but never dared to express it. You will know the regret, and the pain that one has to carry on with for the rest of his life. Anyways, before that happens to you, you need to do the “Must Dos”, and now the “Must Knows” in this context.

Crossing Your Line At Times

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Put an end to acting like only a friend to her. You need to act with her, as if you would be around any girl you desire. Try being flirtatious with her, create sexual tension and sexual attraction. Act as if you are someone, who is there to win her heart and her desire.

Above all, you need to risk even rejection from her at some point of time. Let her know that you aren't here to just be her buddy in your whole life. You want something more than that. Yes, it might hurt you for a while in the worst case, but in the end it won't be as painful as you are going to end up with the way you are going on.

Changing The Way She Sees You

She has always seen you as a buddy, a shopping-partner, and as a friend whom she would complain to in case somebody misbehaves with her. However, if you want to escalate yourself to her ‘more than friend' level, you need to change the way these have been going on. Most significantly, you need to avoid being a ‘brother figure' to her.

Getting Away For A While To Bring the Change

The question is, all of a sudden how could you bring these changes between you both. After all, she has never seen you like that. Hence, a better idea would be, to take a break. Go away from her, for a while, and when you come back you can change the way you have always been with her.

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