Silence Is The Key To A Long Lasting Relationship

“Speech is silver, silence is gold”. The power of silence is often under-estimated in a relationship. Silence does not mean being speechless, at times disclosing less information also helps a lot.

If you are in a relationship with a girl, do not expect silence from the other side. Women can never be silent, maybe they can disclose less detail about themselves. But at the same time, they expect men to be silent or talk less sometimes.

Remain Silent

So do you need to hold on to your relationship? Or do you need to attract more girls? The key line is “Be Silent”. Understand where you have to be silent. Here are some situations where being silent will help you a lot.

No talking about the past

When you are on a date, do not talk about your past or her past. Telling her about your ex, your break up or any other problems will spoil your current date. Instead you can be silent at this time and let her choose a topic to talk.

Build curiosity

You are not attending an interview to disclose all and every detail about yourself. Remember you are on a date and not even into a serious relationship. Even if you or the girl is thinking of a future relationship, the idea would change once you disclose everything about you. Hide details and build curiosity or mystery about you. Let her think about you. Here your silence will help a lot.

Do not argue

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This is one of the prime rules if you are already into a relationship. Many successful relationships live by this rule. Do not argue. Go speechless (silent) at such situations. They will rant and shout for sometime and let the thing cool. After that go and try to sort the issue. Do not blow the issue big if at all you sincerely need to sustain the relationship.

Avoid the me-me factor

When you are on your first date and still trying to impress a girl, do not keep bragging about yourself. The me-me factor (talking about yourself) will make the girl think that you are a person interested only about self and not concerned about others. The best way to avoid such situations is to lock it up (be silent).

Do not interview

The worst thing one can do in his first date is to ask many questions to his date about her family, past life, relationships, likes, dislikes etc. Though a few of these may hold good, others are just not required, at least for the first few dates. You are not an interviewer looking out for recruiting someone in your company. So here also apply the same rule, Be silent.

Listen to her

To make your date memorable for the girl, let her talk and you listen to her. Girls easily fall for a man who gives an ear to her. Listen to what ever she talks about and try to understand her to some extent.

So guys, remember the key word for succeeding in a relationship or a date “Silence”. Follow it!

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