Women Have An Instinctive And Fundamental Preference For Bigger Penises...

Men and women both are obsessed towards the size of the penis. Women are attracted towards large penis, as it makes them look forward to the excitement of having sex. Men too are obsessed with the size of the penis, as they want to make sex enjoyable for their partner. A recent study published in a scientific journal states that penis size is closely linked with attractiveness and bigger is always better.

Some of the main reasons for women to get attracted towards large penis are:

  • Chances of orgasm are more.

  • Provides extreme pleasure during sex

  • More chances that the penis will stimulate the production of fertile eggs

  • Satisfy women's instinct of reproduction.

    The reason why women is naturally attracted toward men with large penis

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    Women are instinctively attracted towards a man with large and thick penis. The main reason is not only sexual excitement, but they also want to produce healthy offspring and continue their generation. Hence, it is the instinctive desire of all women to get pregnant.

    A woman knows that she has multiple options of having sex with different kinds of men until she finds a perfect partner. This partner will not only make sex enjoyable and exciting for her, but who will also bring out her natural instinct of getting impregnated by him, and bearing his child.

    One of the main reasons that women, automatically look for men with large penis to reproduce is that she knows that if she has a son, he will be dating and having sex with women. Hence, she wants her son to have the most important trait, which would attract the women, that is large and thick penis. She wants to ensure that her son has this trait. Hence, she looks for men with large penis.

    She wants to ensure that her son is superior as compared to all other males, making it more possible for him to impregnate a woman and continuing his generation.

    Reasons for different penis size among men

    Just imagine that if women desires small penis, then the human race would become extinct, as the penis would become so small that it would not be able to ejaculate inside the vagina. This would make you wonder the reason behind the difference in the shape and size of the penis.

    The difference in this aspect of penis is a way of nature to control the population. Men are well equipped with its perfect penis to satisfy women during intercourse. However, the small and medium sized penis is also necessary, so that the large sized penis does not exacerbate into large phalluses.

    If all men has large and thick penis, then there is possibility that it will become completely useless for copulation. Thus, we see that small penises are necessary in order to control the large penises from being degenerated.

    We should all remember that the main reason for reproducing is to make a replica like them, who will carry on the human race.

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