Micropenis Causes And Treatment

Know the Facts before You Consider Yourself Dealing with Micropenis Condition

As a matter of fact, there are less than 1 percent of the total world's male population that suffer from this condition. That clearly makes it a very rare yet real condition. However, for the ones who deal with it, it can be indeed really frustrating and depressing.

Ok, before you get into more details of this condition, you need to have few practical data that defines it. Mircopenis also known as Microphallus refers to the condition when one's penis size is drastically smaller than the average size at birth. To be specific, in a newborn baby, it is around 1.9 cm or even less when stretched. For the adult males dealing with this condition, their penis size is less than 2 inches in total. Hence, if your manhood is bigger than that you needn't consider yourself as a micropenis patient.

Everything is fine with such men, say they have testicles and all other attributes that you guys generally associate with a “normal man”. However, in some of the exceptional cases, their small penis barely has a shaft. Micropenis condition cannot actually pose a hurdle to your sex life, if you do not let it do that. As, there are many such males, who are leading a satisfying sex life and have started their families.

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Yet, it is the stigma and the inferiority complex that most of those men fall prey to, which ruins their sex life. Now, the obvious question popping on your mind would be as what are the causes or the factors that lead to this condition. Besides, what are the treatment options or the ray of hope for such men, who are depressed for their micropenis condition?

Factors That Can Lead To Micropenis Condition

Low testosterone levels, especially in the second and third trimester of one's fetus growth, is one of the most prominent causes of micropenis condition. However, there are also other different factors, including the genetic causes. Say for an instance, if it has been going through generations in some family, chances are high that the newborn kids too will deal with it.

You Can Treat It Effectively

Well, good news is that you can start its treatment quite early in a man's life. Doctors and other experts suggest preferring testosterone stimulation. However, this approach is beneficial, only if the cause of micropenis is hormonal. You also have other options like gender reassignment. However, it is quite a controversial treatment, and so it needs psychological counselling for the parents, child, and other close family members before going for it.

Now, that does not mean, if you were not treated during your childhood days, you are not left with any option now. Penis enlargement surgery is the most adapted technique for treating adult men with such condition. Yes, the advancements in science have made these surgeries quite effective, and these actually work in many cases. Yet, like with any other form of surgery, penis surgery too is associated with its risks. Hence, you need to weigh its pros and cons, before actually stepping ahead for this. Besides, there are other enhancement options too like traction device, penis exercise etc. However, these may not give drastic results.

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