Five Things More Important Than Penis Size

Simple Techniques to Build The Excitement In Your Sex Life

Some guys are either too worried that they have a penis, which is not well endowed, while some are too proud of their penis, and can leave a chance where they can flaunt it, may it be the bed room or the locker room. However, if you really want to satisfy your partner and have exciting sex, you will have to stop worrying about your size and shape, and work on your sexual techniques.

Good communication is the key to a good sex life

It is really important for you to communicate with your partner. Talk to her about your sexual life, tell her what you enjoy during sex, and ask her about your preferences. Until and unless both of you talk, how will you come to know what both of you actually desire.

Most of you will be surprised to know most of the fantasies, and kinky sexual desire comes out only if you communicate with your partner. How will you ever be able to find out if it would be ok with her if you tie her to the post of the bed, and then lick chocolate off her body, or that she wants to lick stuff off you? These thoughts can only be shared, if you are comfortable with your partner and are regularly communicating with one another.

While talking about each other sexual fantasies, tell her what you would like to do to her in bed, and the position in which you want to have sex with her. You will be surprised, how turned on you girl will get by these talks, making sex exciting and passionate for both of you. It will add new sparks to your sexual life.

Be enthusiastic during sex

When you are in bed with a girl, it is really important that you show your enthusiasm. You could try different positions to please her. If she is comfortable, she will surely participate in the foreplay and sex.

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This shows that you are doing it right, which is great! However, you will have to prove your sexual skills in bed. Do not forget that in your excitement. The girl you are in bed with is as turned on as you are, and she is not doing any favor to you, respect her sexual anxiety and excitement, and please her in the best way possible.

When a woman sees that you are willing to please, she too will go all the way to ensure that she is able to please you, and make sex enjoyable. The experience is completely amazing when both the partners are willing to please one another and the result will be mind blowing sex.

Trying different sexual positions

When you are in bed, it is time you stop worrying about the shape and size of your penis and start enjoying sex. It is better that you give your entire attention to your partner, and ways in which you can satisfy her better. You should also pay attention to the different techniques, and to your performance.

If having a small penis worries you so much, then why don't you talk to your partner and see if it's bothering her too. If you are using the right techniques, then you will always hear that they are completely happy and satisfied with their sex life.

However, it is really important that men, who have small penis, try moderate missionary position or doggie position or reverse cowgirl position. These positions will make sure that your penis torches the clitoris arousing and satisfying your girl.

Explore the body part of your partner

It is really important that both men and women explore each other body. There are loads of women who are open to oral sex, and enjoy it too. If you are worried that your penis is not exciting your girl enough then try licking, sucking and fingering her vagina. This is one of the arousal points of the woman's body.

Women have three different points of orgasm, G-spot, clitoris and vaginal, and all the parts stimulate in a different manner. Try finding her G-spot, and mastering ways to make her orgasm. Most women loved to be pleased in this manner, and for some this is the only way in which they can attain orgasm. The G-spot produces a powerful and deep impact on the climax, which can also give multiple orgasms, along with repetitive stimulation. It can also make some women squirt.

You can also try the dildo in order to find this perfect G-spot. Some of the other tricks that you can use in bed to arouse your women is that while she is enjoying with the dildo inside her, you touch her body, softly and suck her nipples. This will arouse her even more, making her anticipate for sex.

When you are ready to enter her, do not push you dick hard inside her. Am sure you think that this are what you girl wants, and enjoys, but trust me, no girl wants herself to be rammed by a dick. Be soft and slow while you are entering her, tease her and build up the excitement.

Slowly enter her, after foreplay, so that the penetration is exciting for both of you. If you are not completely erect, then make sure that you continue with the foreplay, building up the sexual tension between each other. The wait and the foreplay will be worthwhile.

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