Measuring The Penis

The Right Way of Measuring the Most Important Part of Your Body

Before you start your enlargement journey, the first thing that you want to do is measure your penile length both flaccid and erect. Make sure you keep a logbook and note down what you measure every time. Keep in mind that when you are measuring before the enlargement procedure, be negative and round down the numbers. This will satisfy you when you measure next time and see some gains. Also, it is very important that you measure only once a month. Remember, measuring can be very dangerous. If you will keep on measuring every few days or worse every day, all you will have is disappointment and zero motivation.

How to measure:

Measuring flaccid length:

It is believed that flaccid gains are the first gains that you see while on an enlargement mission. There are several things, which affect your flaccid penis length and the most important amongst them is your body temperature. First of all, to get accurate measurements, it is crucial that you follow a few rules. Which are -

  • When measuring a flaccid penis always measure from the side
  • Extend your penis in front, but make sure you do not stretch it at all.
  • Place the ruler on the side in such a way that it is slightly pressing the pelvic bone.
  • Measure until the tip of your penis head in mm or inches

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These rules will give you accurate results every time. Well, obviously, you have to measure the same way every time. After all, it is not an exam where you need to cheat.

Measuring erect length: Now this is something in which most men are interested, the erect penis size. Again, there are a few dos and don'ts. In order to get accurate measurements, measure as explained below:

  • Measure from the side
  • Make sure you have 100% erection or an erection which you consider “most erect”
  • Place the ruler on the side in such a way that it is slightly pressing the pelvic bone.
  • Hold your penis from below the head.
  • Measure until the tip of your penis head in mm or inches

This is one of the standardized ways of measuring erect penis as suggested by researchers. Don't exaggerate your penis size as, again, no need to cheat.

Measuring flaccid penis girth: This is a little tricky one. Most men are confused about measuring the girth of a penis because they do not know from where they should measure. Well, as suggested from experts, you must always measure the girth size at the centre of the penis shaft. Extend your penis again do not stretch. Have a measuring take around your penis, try to remember the location where you are placing the tape and note down the measurements in mm or inches.

Measuring erect girth: This one is simple. First of all, make sure the penis is 100% erect. Extend your penis in front. Hold your penis from the head and do not stretch it. Put a measuring tape around your penis with another hand and that is it. Note down the measurements in your logbook in mm or inches.

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