Penis Size Discussions Can Break Up Relationships

Talking About Penile Size Can End Your Relationship and Break You Apart

Discussion over penile size at times gets really rough and can break you and your partner apart. However, the topic is such that no couple can avoid it for a lifetime. At some point or other, either you or your partner will comment on penis size and gradually the talk will start. Especially, for men who are suffering from small penis syndrome, such talks can turn out to be a little disheartening. They instinctively know that penile size matter to women and yet their woman keeps on saying that it doesn't.

In most of the cases, women are trying to convince their man that his penis size is just normal and more than average. Also, she will often add that she is satisfied with his penis size and has a very smooth sexual life. On the other hand, men believe that this is what they say out of sympathy and not satisfaction. Repeated arguments over this issue can potentially set you apart and end your relationship.

Penile size is truly important to men. For them, it is a sign of masculinity. So, when they have to face a discussion that makes them feel less confident, their sexual, social and work life all are affected at the same time.

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Let us understand this better with a few examples...

A person comments that his girl friend often confuses him when they discuss about his penile size. At times, she comments that size does not matter and it is all about foreplay. The other times she tells that it is about the girth size and not the length of the penis. Also, one day while having sex, his girlfriend literally begged him to penetrate deeper, like his penis size wasn't sufficient. So, what exactly does she have on her mind?

Next, a person comments that his girl friend is faking when they discuss about the penis size. Mostly she tells that he has a big enough penis and he is satisfying. On the other hand, when they are engaged in sex, she often asks him if he is still inside. Both the statements are contradictory to each other.

One more person comments that his girl friend is always saying that he has a big penis while he clearly knows that he doesn't. Well, of course girl friends shouldn't say to her boy friend that he has a small dick. However, if you keep on telling them it is big, when actually it is not, this confirms the opposite. So, each time his girl friend tells him that he has a big one, he felt the opposite. Finally, over this issue they broke off since the guy kept on losing his self esteem more and more.

So, one thing is clear that the issue is sensitive enough that you need to be cautious about what to say and what not. One important piece of advice is, avoid this topic as much as you can. At least, do not end up talking about it every time.

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