The Confidence Equation

The only thing that holds men from pursuing the male enhancement route is the fear or unknown. For some reason, they are afraid of possible negative outcome of the famous processes of penis enlargement. Nevertheless, they still believe that having a porn star penis size will help to boost their self-confidence levels.

Self-esteem and confidence are two important aspects that human beings need to succeed in the different aspects of their lives. Men and women source their confidence levels from different things. For a man, including myself, a larger dick has raised my confidence.

Speaking from experience

The biggest thing that drove me to seek help with penis enlargement was the desire to boost my confidence levels. Like any man, I thrive on ego and the bigger I am, the more confident I feel about everything I do.

Surprisingly, having a bigger dick has made it possible for me to show more enthusiasm for work. I am pretty sure that soon enough, I will be inviting my friends to celebrate a promotion I have been eyeing for the longest time. Further, my behavior, when I am around opposite sex, has improved considerably. As far as I am concerned, this is the magic I needed to revolutionalise my life.

It's amazing how no amount of motivation talk ever gave me the kind of the confidence boost I have gained so far- after my penis enlargement. Even my friends, some family members and colleagues at work have noticed the new person I have become.

So, did it work? For me, I would say it did perform the magic.

That's just my subjective view

Although the whole thing worked for me, I prefer to term it as my opinion. At the very least, I have shared my own experience.

Let's pursue objectivity for a moment…

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A vast array of research work reveals that I am not unique in experiencing a psychological or mental boost after having a larger penis.

The center of the existence of man lies in his penis. At least, this is how the majority of men seem to experience their lives. At the foundation of his self-worth is exactly how he feels about his penis size as well as his opinion about its ability to please and satisfy his partners.

Our relationship with our dicks is such a complicated affair in relation to our sense of power and domination. For some men, life is typically a dick-wagging contest. It is a competition played nearly everywhere- right from the boardroom, to the bedroom and even on the playing ground.

A well-endowed guy proudly asserts his package with authority. On the other hand, a guy with the small dick is the bully at the office, and he tends to act like he knows everything. This is what I would refer to as a defense mechanism. It has to do with looking for ways to bridge the confidence gap arising from differences in penis size compared to his friends and co-workers.

Speaking of comparisons, I am already 100 percent sure that there is no man who has never compared his penis size to other men. Guys do it all the time, in the urinals and locker rooms. They even do so, when walking on the streets. Once every so often, he will spot a guy who is well hanging between his legs and then make the necessary comparisons. Each comparison results in either of two things; a sense of inadequacy or a smile of victory.

A study conducted by the University of California in 2006 noted pretty much interesting attitudes of men towards their penis size. The study revealed that the guys who are likely to suffer from anxieties over the size of their penis (regardless of age) are the ones who are already adequately endowed with average sized dicks.

This sounds a little odd right? Well, not until you hear this:

When comparing the size of the penis to the confidence levels, the researcher also noted that, 22% of men with bigger than average sized penises also tend to consider themselves the most attractive. This is a revelation that indicated a direct connection between a bigger penis and higher levels of confidence.

In 2009, another research study conducted by a group of psychologists at Victoria University found similar link. They compared the penis size and the emotional well-being of 700 men. Some of the psychological traits seen in men with larger penises included better health, higher self-esteem, and high body satisfaction.

According to the research study, the link between confidence and penile size was pretty straightforward. The existing relationship had nothing to do with the fears of not being able to please their partners or even being smaller than the average size. The psychologists stated that guys who were lucky to be well endowed (those with larger than average size) were generally more confident and happier since they come close to the cultural perception of the ideal male.

Men with bigger penises are considered more masculine compared to the average guy. This explains why the former tend to feel happier, more dominant and confident.

Regardless of how we choose to perceive the whole issue, the hard truth is that, the link between penis size and confidence level is deeply rooted in our genes.

In my case, the need to increase my confidence levels pushed me into penis enlargement programs. I stated earlier, having a bigger dick has considerably increased my confidence levels.

Still considering male enhancement?

I wouldn't know what is driving you to seek penis enlargement. However, whatever it is, it must be sufficiently strong to give you the drive you need to pursue results in the most patient manner. It is not an overnight thing, and you must be willing to throw in a lot of commitment, as well as effort.

There is always a strong urge to give up, along the way. Of utmost importance is to remember constantly why you are doing it in the first place. Lastly, consistency is imperative if you wish to see impressive results.

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