Avoiding Penile Underdevelopment

Shrinking Penis – Natural or Material?

A common cause of anxiety in most men is the reduced size of their penis. So, was he always meant to be small or there can be something that can held back its natural growth?

Two reasons – genetic (hereditary) and hormonal impairment

Genetic limitations, at least for now have no solution. But yes, to save ones penis from shrinking, one can definitely take the requisite corrective measures.

Puberty is the period where most of the bodily fluctuations and maturations take place. The infusion of growth hormones during this period plays a material role in the penis development. This growth can be highly damaged in the following scenarios:

  1. Extreme emotional and / or physical stress;

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  2. Deteriorating health and sickness;

  3. Lack of proper diet or malnutrition.

Being external factors it's hard to believe that they can in any way hinder the growth of your genitals, but yes, they do! If you are a parent, it's your prime duty to create a conducive environment for your son to allow him grow a natural growth.

Cycles make your penis shrink

If you love bicycling, then this is not going to impress you. Lately, scientists have worked upon comparatively newer causes that can lead to impotency in men and yes, excessive cycling is one such research result. It can not only reduce the Penis size but also lead to genital numbness, penile failure or for that matter, even underdevelopment.

The logical reason for this news is that when a man sits on the saddle, most of his body weight is concentrated between the site bones, or perineum. Now, most of the growth material i.e. nerves and blood vessels run through this route and pressuring this area is not something that you would want to do as it would reduce the supply of nutrients and other important growth material to the penis. You can imagine the result if this happens on a continuous basis for a very long term. What's more upsetting is the fact that the resultant pressure can even damage or scar these arteries, thus narrowing them eventually and keeping the blood supply at its minimal. Naturally, with these symptoms, the penis will refuse to grow even in the night (the time when it is supposed to grow more).

Solution – Change the saddle

Still if you feel cycling is something that you cannot do away with, consider changing the saddle.

Parents should make sure that their boys avoid the narrow hard type ones. Alternatively, ergonomic saddles with flexible noses or the ones with a hole in the centre, especially the ones at level or pointing a few degrees downwards should do the trick. While doctors are still sceptical about the shape of the saddle, a wider and heavily padded one should probably help. Other precautions include taking a break every 10 minutes, slightly bent knees to support the excessive body weight and heavy padding of the top tube, etc.

To end it, ensure that your kid does little cycling and more of physical exercise to affirm that his natural penis development faces no obstruction.

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