Penis Size Talks: What Women Think About YOUR Penis

A good number of men are insecure when it comes to their penis size. For the longest time, the masculinity of a man has been judged based on their penis size. Regardless of how this reality hurts, it is exactly what happens. Apparently, men with larger penises seem to be more confidence and have higher levels of self-esteem. On the other hand, individuals who think they have small penises tend to become shy, have problems expressing themselves and are also withdrawn.

One of the sources of a man's confidence is in his ability to sexually satisfy a woman. No man wants to be told that his penis is too small to please a woman- especially not at his face. It is one of the most embarrassing situations any man can go through. As a result, men who are obsessed with their penis size, or those who tend to think that their penis is smaller might even suffer from a condition known as small penis syndrome.

Women think about your penis; maybe not always but at some point she does imagine how big it is and what it is capable of making them feel. This explains why men are usually so afraid of possible rejection from their female counterparts. The truth of the matter is, if you fall in this category of men, you will be surprised at what women actually think about your penis.

Before I let you in on what women think about your penis, I must tell you that she isn't going to tell you the truth. In that regard, don't even make the mistake of asking her what she thinks about your manhood. No, I am not saying that she won't give you answer- she certainly will. The only problem is, she will not give you her exact opinion of your penis. Instead, she will tell you what you wish to hear.


She will keep nothing from her female friends. As a matter of fact, women actually love to talk about penises, especially when one of them has met and slept with a new guy. They just cannot hide the excitement when your penis is being described. Sad, I agree, but women do it all the time. So, if you just met her, have had sex with her already, she has already formed an opinion of your penis and most importantly, she has shared it with her friends. Girlfriends demand this information from each other, and your woman must say it without sparing any detail.

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When talking to her friends, she will describe your penis using terms such as small, micropenis, work of art, large, really large, the unicorn and so on. What I am trying to say is, she will say it as it is, when it comes to your friends. My friend, you are lucky if she thinks your dick is bigger than that of her ex-boyfriend or husband. This will translate to much more respect for you, from her friends. You and I know just how much we value respect- especially when it is coming from a woman. Respect from women elevates our ego and confidence.

Woe unto you, if she thinks you are small. They will have a lot to talk about your penis- the coffee date might even be extended for another hour or two. For women, there is nothing much to talk about your penis if it is average sized. There is nothing amusing about women about average sized penises. Women spend time talking about penises that are either too small or big. Sometimes it bothers me when I imagine the whole episode. It bothers me because I know that she has already spoken about my manhood with her friends, yet there is nothing I can do about it. I think the topic of penis size and its potential in matters bedroom should be confined to privacy. Nevertheless, what am I supposed to do? What are my fellow men supposed to do?

Some consolation

Regardless of what your woman thinks about your penis if she hasn't left it's because she really doesn't care. It might small, average sized or large, but she has decided to stay and treats you right.

Even though women usually form a particular opinion of your penis, most of them don't care. They don't attach an excessive attachment to the size of your penis. The good thing about a woman's vagina is that it offers a tight fit for anything that usually go in there. This includes tampons and fingers. This means that, any penis size feels nice and snugs inside a woman's vagina.

Unfortunately, men continue to excessively worry about penis size, even in relationships- while their women don't. A recent research study revealed that 87 percent of women are comfortable with the size of their men's penis. Those who weren't comfortable admitted that it was either too big or too small. A good number of women are afraid of too big penises as it might translate to painful sex. There is nothing sexy about a painful sexual encounter. On the other hand, only 55 percent of men are actually satisfied with their very own genitals.

Women fail to understand why our email inboxes are crowded with penis enlargement spam. A huge percentage of women (71 percent) believe that men give too much attention to the size of their penises.

When all is said and done, a woman will not like you because of your penis. As a matter of fact, most of them don't like you or fall in love with you because of your penis. If this were the case, they would ask to see your dick before they even decide to have something going with you. All a girl wants is someone who respects her, loves her for her and most importantly, someone who is emotionally involved with her.

At the end of the day, what she thinks about your penis doesn't really matter- stop worrying too much about it.

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