Women Prefer Big Penises Because They Give More Psychological Pleasures

For the longest time, men and sex experts have debated and discussed what the importance a woman attaches to penis size. Numerous studies have revealed that women don't care much about the penis length. Apparently, a good number of women are concerned about the penis girth- the circumference of the penis while erect. An internet survey involving 52,031 heterosexual men and women (California State University) revealed that 85 percent of women are satisfied with the penis size of their partners. Only a small percentage (15 percent) wished their men had bigger or smaller penis.

In a bid to respond to the evidence suggesting that the size of a penis has little effect on the physical pleasure of a woman, researchers decided to establish whether penis size has any psychological effect on the sexual arousal of women. The research participants (undergraduate women) were requested to read an arousing story in which the male character was depicted to possess either a small, medium or large penis size. Although the stories were considerably arousing, there seemed to be no difference in the sexual arousal of women based on the penis size of the male characters.

However, one interesting difference emerged in the survey; research participants with higher erotophilia (women most likely to respond to sexual stimuli positively) revealed more sexual arouse in responding to the story where the male character had a large penis rather than medium or small. In that regard, women with a tendency to respond favourably to sexual cues are likely to experience more arousal to strong sexual cue like an enormous penis.

Based on the above research findings, it is high time we started acknowledging that penis size matters to women- at least from a psychological perspective. Women have a soft spot for penises, in the same way, that men love pussies and full, firm breasts. As a matter of fact, the male genitalia is one of the favourite topics of conversation among the women. Such discussions usually make them happy and interacting with penises makes them even more joyous.

In the past posts, I have emphasised the role played by the visual inclination of men compared to the emotional disposition of women. In as much as women are emotional beings, imagining a hard and erect penis have psychological impacts. Just as men love to see large and firm breasts, women enjoy seeing a large and fuller erect penis. This is a clear indication that the penis has the potential to provide more than one type of a pleasure to a woman.

All things remaining constant, bigger is considered better in the two types of pleasure- psychological and physical pleasures.

Physical pleasures come from touch sensation and vaginal satisfaction. On the other hand, mental pleasures entail what is experienced during anticipation for sex, the visual excitement and the satisfaction of a woman's instinctive desire to reproduce.

Let us go a step further and provide detailed descriptions of the psychological pleasures that women experience from a large penis. As you will soon find out, these pleasures are very similar to the ones you experience from seeing big and firm breasts.

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Anticipation for sex

The primary reason for men being attracted to women is anticipation for sex. He believes in his instincts that he will derive sexual pleasure from a woman. It is a tendency of people to love or rather like something that has the potential to give them any form of enjoyment. We all know that sexual pleasure is undoubtedly the most intense form of enjoyment- who wouldn't desire to experience it?

Let's put one thing clear; the anticipation of sexual pleasure is in itself a pleasure. This is what people call being turned on. Individuals are created differently and what may turn on men, is different from what may turn on a woman. On the same note, while the majority of guys get turned on by big and firm breasts, different men are turned on by different sizes and firmness of breasts.

Similarly, women get turned on by the sight of a large penis. The penis size, in this case, is also hypothetical. Different women have different opinions regarding the penis size. The size of an erect penis that may psychologically appeal to one woman may not work for another woman. Bottom line; penis size does matter when anticipation for sex is concerned. The thought of a fuller, hard erection has the potential to make a woman anticipate for sexual pleasure- and this in itself is a pleasure.

Visual excitement

Visual pleasure is yet another form of pleasure that is influenced by the size of the penis- of course apart from the usually sexual excitement. The size of the penis matters a lot to the eyes of a woman. Women love having the sight of large dick because it visually excites them. The excitement can be compared to the one experienced by men on seeing firm and big breasts.

No one can refute that big and firm breasts appear delicious- you must have thought it that way, at least once in your life. That's how women feel whenever they look at a large firm dick. It is only natural; bigger is more impressive compared to a smaller. It all melts down to volume as well as the quantity.

When it comes to sexual pleasure, size matters for both men and women. However, this doesn't only count for sex, but also for the things we eat, electronics and numerous other things in life. Big is catchy, it's attracting, and that's why a woman is visually aroused by the sight of a larger penis.

Imagine this, penises don't attract your attention and yet, just like most of the men outside there, you secretly wish you had a bigger penis yourself. Naturally, women are attracted to penises. You don't need to think too hard to realise how much a woman loves the sight of a large penis on a man.

Then there is the instinctive desire of a woman to reproduce which is also influenced by the size of the penis. Like the rest of the sexual creatures, women, and men alike are subject to the instinctive desire to have kids. When this happens, she will carefully imagine the kind of man she would want to bear offspring with. The criteria she uses to make her ultimate decision (in her mind) vary considerably. Such factors may include good health and strength and so on. Most importantly however, and this happens nearly all the time, she will picture a man with a bigger penis, as opposed to a smaller one. That's just how it is. In as much as she might not end up with what she had visualised, she wouldn't mind a bigger penis altogether.

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