The Penis Size vs. Race Debate

Nearly every man has compared his penis size with that of another man. It happens all the time in the gym lockers, in the office and restaurant urinals and even in the streets. Apparently, every man has worries and doubts related to his penis size. Some men even become excessively obsessive with the same until they develop a psychological condition known as small penis syndrome.

The situation is that bad. No amount of comforting words has been enough to show men that they really needn't worry about their sizes. One of the most common questions that I receive has to do with the relationship between penis size and races. In as much as I have avoided this sensitive topic, we better get over it as early as now.

A common perception is that black men have larger penises compared to the Asians, whites and Caucasians. But is this really true? Apparently, individuals who come up with these claims attest to having firsthand experience with such men. A lot of them have also been exposed to a lot of pornographic materials that portray all black men with huge penises. For all we know, the directors of such pornographic materials could have selected black men with bigger penises and left out the rest. Alternatively, they could have played camera tricks such as the angles through which such clips are taken. Well, let's use facts to clear up the air once and for all.

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The world health organisation gathered concrete specifications for the sizes of condoms that are based on numerous studies. The studies appear to suggest that black men on average have a slightly longer and wider penis size. On the other hand, Caucasian men possess what is considered as the medium size while the Asian men are considered slightly shorter and narrower in size. The specifications of the world health organisation feature condom with widths of 5.3 centimetres for Africa, 5.2 centimetres for Europe and finally, 4.9 centimetres for Asia. The differences in the penis size between the three races are statistically insignificant.

Although the blacks are well endowed, Asians appear to be given the short end of the stick. Since the Asians are smaller compared to the whites and blacks, a common perception is that the Asians have small penises. These acts as a huge consolation for the white men who tend to feel bad that black men are bigger than them. Fortunately, this isn't entirely the case, at least based on the summary of studies analysed by the world health organisation. The truth of the matter is that there are some differences in penis sizes between men from different races but they aren't that big. Luckily, this field of study isn't devoid of accurate details. Besides, there are surveys that can avail the much needed information.

Unfortunately, the fact that Africans are slightly bigger than the whites has worked against them. The whites have gone ahead to promote a culture that puts black men closer to being animals than human beings. This went on for around three centuries and was unfortunately utilised to make black people feel more inferior. Thankfully, the myth ended in 1952 when Fanon Frantz used statistical data to deny the presence of a positive correlation between the descent of Africans and bigger penises. Although not so prevalent, the myth still exists and it will probably take many years before it finally disappears altogether.

At the end of the day, it is important to note that a man shouldn't be judged using his penis size. Additionally, should you choose to pursue penis enlargement, don't do it for anyone else but yourself.

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