Women Prefer Big Penises Because They Give More Physical Pleasure

In the previous posts, we have seen how the penis size of a man affects the psychological pleasure of a woman. However, much isn't known to themajority of people. A good number of people aren't really sure that bigger is actually better.

A woman experiences particular physical sensation when she interacts with the penis. There are basically two kinds of physical sensations, that is, depending on what the woman is doing with the man's penis. First and foremost, there is the genital sensation that entails clitoral and vaginal. Secondly, there is the touch sensation –manual or oral. Let's first explain the touch sensation.

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You must agree with me that hands love to touch and feel bigger things. For instance, men usually take pleasure in feeling and touching the soft skin, hips, waist curves, thighs as well as the genital areas of their women manually. In the same manner, women love to touch the broad shoulders, torso, stomach and most importantly, the genital areas of her man. I am talking about the genital part that is hidden under the pants. The pleasure she experiences from doing so cannot be hidden as it is usually visible in her eyes. You just have to see the excitement in her eyes whenever she holds the long and fleshy cock of her man. Undoubtedly, the pleasure will be less if she holds a small as well as skinny something beneath.

Size really matters to her hands and the feeling stimulates her sexually. The majority of people don't give it a thought,but the truth is that human female experience a particular pleasure when they touch a man's penis using their hands. In that case, you must take into account this important fact when asking how a larger penis offers a woman more satisfaction. What is more, in the same way that a man loves to play with a pair of big and firm breasts, women enjoy playing around with more significant and hard erections relative to doing the same with a small one.

The size of a man's penis also matters for her mouth- for those who love giving their men, some exciting blow job. Many women wouldn't admit their preference for larger penises, especially not to their men. However, themajority of women usually enjoy having a bigger penis in their mouth. The knowledge of sucking a bigger penis gives them some sexual pleasure. There is a category of women who prefer a small penis when it comes to oral sex. These are the women who don't like having dicks in their mouths at all and so for them, the less, the better.

Bigger penises are also great for providing intense vagina satisfaction. Let us use a comparison that I have always used-men's preference for big and firm breasts and women's preference for sufficiently long and thick penises. While the former can be compared with the latter, the pleasure offered by the two situations is very different. Why is that the case? Bigger dicks usually result in increased clitoral and vaginal satisfaction. However, big and firm breasts do nothing to ensure penile satisfaction. The next time you hear someone say that penis size is as silly as the breast size, you know why there is no point believing them.

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