Women Have An Instinctive And Fundamental Preference For Bigger Penises

The preference for bigger penises is partly blamed on the instinctive nature of women. Unfortunately, she will not admit it. However, regardless of whether or not she admits it, a woman will always prefer a bigger cock. One of the reasons for this is that a large penis is more satisfying both sexually and mentally. The heart of the matter is, a woman feels much better when she has a big penis inside of her.

There are other reasons though- the one that will form the topic of discussion in this article. Did you know that human females have not only an instinctive but also a natural fundamental reason for big penises preference? To help us understand this claim better, we may use the following two statements.

For starters, in order to respond to demand, enough and consistent supply of large penises in the human species is obviously a necessity. The supply will be sufficient to ensure that the normal and average dick is sufficiently big to make a woman pregnant. Secondly, the demand and supply will help to ensure that the next generation (that is her offspring) will also have big enough cocks in order to make women pregnant in the future.

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Does the first statement appear too fanciful for your liking? If yes, you may want to consider a complete opposite of the same. Can you imagine a world where women demand small dicks? The demand of this nature will cause the human species to possess smaller and smaller penis over time. As a result, the human species are likely to become extinct because it will become practically impossible for the men to release sperm inside the woman's vagina and consequently impregnate a woman- because of the smaller penises.

If bigger penises are so important, why is it that not all men have such penises? Nature must always find a way of balancing things. Suppose every man on the planet had a big penis. This would gradually result in all men having those scary giant penises that wouldn't be useful as far as copulation is concerned. In as much as women prefer big ones, small ones are also necessary to prevent penises from degenerating into giant phalluses.

Let us analyse the second statement. Nearly everyone is aware of the principal law of nature that it is mandatory for every species on earth to reproduce and increase in numbers. This explains the fundamental desire for the human female to reproduce. At the very least, it is the desire of every woman to bear children who will carry her genes to the future generation. One may argue that this isn't a problem because men are in plenty out there. On the other hand, this is exactly what generates a challenge. A woman is well aware of the fact that there are so many men that she may have sex. She also understands that any woman in the future is likely to pose a similar promiscuous behaviour.

This further means that, if her son has to make a woman pregnant in future (in the spirit of competition) he must portray superior traits- not only a big penis but also massive amounts of ejaculation. For this to happen, she must find and have such a man impregnate her. Her instinctive nature drives her to make sure that her son becomes the best mate during his time.

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