How Women REALLY Feel About Penis Size

One of the reasons why men are overly concerned about their penis size has to do with the women. All men thrive on ego and are therefore so concerned with what women think about their penis size. Nearly every man has worries, doubts and questions pertaining to his penis- including men who are average sized. They invariably want to be reassured that their penises can sexually satisfy any woman. The majority of men believe that women want men who have larger penises, but are this really true? What exactly do women think about penis size? And does penis size really matter?

Undoubtedly, this is an age- an old matter that a good number of men struggle with. The question of whether or not penis size really matters covers layers of fears and worries as men consider their potential inadequacy. The response to this question is actually more complex than what anyone would think. Fortunately, the problem appears to be more centered on men themselves than in the perception of their partners- women.

Let's set a few facts straight and debunk some myths associated with penis size. According to a research study that was reported in the journal ‘Psychology of Men and Masculinity', the size of an erect penis of the majority of men (that is 68 percent) measures somewhere between 4.6 inches and 6 inches in length. Approximately 16% of men possess an erect penis size that is longer than 6.1 inches. Only 2.5% of men have penis lengths measuring more than 6.9 inches. About 16% of men have erect penis sizes that are shorter than 4.5 inches and only 2.5% having penises less than 3.7 inches long. Now you know how different proportions of men measure with respect to penis length.

However, do you know who is more concerned about penis size? In the same survey that attracted more than 52000 research participants, (both men and women), 45% of the men said that they weren't satisfied with size of their penises and that they wanted larger ones. This is a considerably larger figure compared to the 16% of men who have penises that are shorter than average. One would expect that only 16% of men would be worried about their penis sizes. Additionally, the perception of the penis size didn't even change with variations in age. The number of older men who showed alack of satisfaction with the size of their penis was almost the same as that of the younger men who were not satisfied with what they have.

Unfortunately, the portrayed inadequacy concerns have consequences. For instance, the men who believed that their penis sizes were too small were less likely to remove clothes at the presence of their partner. They were also more likely to hide their dicks during sexual intercourse and also more likely to consider themselves less attractive. Apparently, men who believed that they were adequately endowed showed higher levels of self confidence and also found themselves very attractive.

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On a more interesting note, 84% of the women who were surveyed said that they were comfortable and satisfied with the penis size of their partners. Again compare this huge proportion of women with the only 55% of men who claimed that they were satisfied with their penises. What does this speak about what women think about the penis size of their partners? Apparently, this goes to say that women don't pay much attention to the size of a man's penis and most of them are more or less satisfied. This means that it's not her problem, but yours.

This research study is persuasive since the methodology uses is beyond the run of mill survey conducted on a survey of 100 college students. In this research study, questions were posted on by the researchers whereby responses were received from 26,437 women aged between 18 and 65 years and almost the same number of men. Although the respondents was a self selected group that invalidates the demographic representation, the number is statistically sufficient to obviate any doubts pertaining to the selection and to a large extent, suggesting that the findings are indeed valid.

However, that isn't as far as it goes, though. The size of the penis does matter to women but, it so happens that when women speak about penis size, it's mostly about the width and not the penis length. For instance, a sex coach and clinical sexologist from Los Angeles Calif (Patti Briton) said that an extremely long and skinny penis isn't exactly as pleasurable as a shorter, yet fatter one for majority of women. She adds that it's the thickness of a penis that allows a woman to experience what sexologists refer to as containment. This is typically the fullness generated either by an object or a penis that is inside the wall of the vagina.

Nevertheless, the size of the penis isn't the final determining factor as far as the ability of a man to satisfy a woman is concerned. The G-spot and the clitoris are the two most sensitive areas for a woman in matters sexual enjoyment. Further, they can both be reached and aroused quickly. Specifically, the G-spot is just a third up inside the barrel of the vagina as explained by Patti Briton. In that regard, women are G-spot oriented can experience ecstatic pleasure even from a short or small penis.

Women don't pay too much attention to the size of your penis. Rather, they prefer forging a powerful psychological and emotional connection with you. This is actually something you shouldn't have problems improving. Women want to be loved, cared for and for someone to be kind towards them.

Besides, if you think that your penis is too skinny to satisfy her sexually, involve some creativity during love making. For instance, try out new sex positions and sex toys that she is comfortable with. also, include some manual, oral and sensual skills – it will surprise you how magical lovemaking can become for you and your sweetheart.

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