If There Is Such A Thing As Too Small, Then Penis Size Matters

Just a few women seem to agree that penis size does matter. A huge percentage of them say that how a man is endowed doesn't really matter to them when it comes to the choice of a partner. A survey involving more than 52000 research participants, where questions were posted on MSNBC.com revealed that a huge proportion of women doesn't care about the cock size of their partners. Apparently, 85 percent of the women who responded to the questions said that they are comfortable with a penis size of their partners. This is quite huge compared to the 55 percent of men who confirmed being satisfied with the size of their dicks.

Well, how true is this? Can this figure be attributed to the fact that women don't want to say the truth. Could it be that women don't really speak their mind and that size does matter? I may not know much about this, especially because it has to do with another person's mind. Unless they decide to open up someday, let us just keep on speculating. However, we can look at the scenario from a whole new perspective.

Look at it this way; if there is such a thing as too small, don't you think that penis size really does matter? In as much as many women keep on insisting that they don't care about the size of their men's penis for their vaginal satisfaction, would they say the same about a micropenis? Of course not- when asked if they can go out with a man who has a thumb size penis, they all agree that it would be too small for them. If that's the case, we are right to conclude that size matters.

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In my opinion, and I hope you see it that way as well, this is the most basic and obvious evidence that size does matter after all. Don't be mistaken- I haven't just made a discovery. This is something that has always been there, it's only that people choose to overlook it.

If a penis the size of a thumb doesn't provide a woman with pleasure, then something bigger is needed. Of course, a bigger dick is much better compared to a thumb-size one. However, this only happens up to a certain point. There are men who have too big penises that are uncomfortable for some women. If you take a too small cock and then increase it gradually (both length and girth) it will begin to give a woman more and more pleasure. However, this will stop at a particular penis size when the woman may begin experiencing discomfort or even pain in worst case scenarios.

What does this mean? The preferred dick size of a woman is not an actual measurement of either girth or length. However, it is a range of dimensions, depending on how much pleasure she gathers from every penetration. In that regard, if a wiener falls within that specified range, then she will have more preference for it above all else. All this goes to confirm that penis size really does matter.

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