What Types Of Penis Enlargement Devices Are There?

So you are interested in using penis enlargement devices? Don't be embarrassed, there are quite a number of men that are looking for the same thing. In fact, penis enlargement devices are seen as the safest to use since the user do not have to take any medication or undergo invasive procedures. Here are some of the most popular types of devices that are currently in the market today:

  • Stretchers and extenders

    Stretchers and penis extenders keep the penis stretched all throughout the day for huge penis enlargement gains. Using an extender could be tricky and a hassle for some men since the penis is strapped on a device that keeps it stretched all day long. This type of device claims to be a cure for curved penises or Peyronie's disease.

  • Penis clamps

    A clamp looks and feels like a cock ring. This device engorges the penis to increase the capacity of the penis to hold blood. It is believed that this could increase the penis size.

  • Jelq devices

    Jelq devices pump the penis to increase penis size. It is different from a penis pump since it pumps the penis with more intensity. A jelq device is usually made of two padded cylinders that are placed over the penis. This grips the penis and stretches it too.

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  • Penis hangers

    Hangers are more advanced than extender. One end of a hanger is attached to the shaft or body of the penis and then the other is connected to a weight. A user may use this from as little as an hour to several hours in a day to get the best results.

  • Penis pumps

    There are a lot of different kinds of penis pumps and are usually sold everywhere. But the best penis pump to increase the size of the penis has a pressure gauge to be able to deliver the best pressure for growth. A pressure gauge will also avoid pain and injury to the penis.

Consider the following in looking for the ideal penis enlargement device:

  1. Read reviews. Look for any pros and cons that users just like you have encountered while using the device. Reviews will also provide great information on how to efficiently use a device.

  2. Choose high quality materials and construction. Choose safe materials such as plastic and rubber. Check out information from the website of the product regarding the material used for the design.

  3. Choose convenience. If you are always at home and you rarely go out then you could use extenders and weights but if you are frequently at work and you travel a lot then this is not the device for you. Watch videos and read steps on how to use a device before you make your purchase.

  4. Purchase your penis enlargement from reliable dealers. Choose dealers or retailers that are very particular about quality and customer service. A reliable dealer will also provide discounts and free items together with your purchase.

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