How Do I Use A Penis Extender?

Penis extenders are increasingly becoming a popular choice for men looking for a couple more inches. Perhaps, this can be attributed to the numerous advantages associated with their use such as safety, cost friendliness as well as its effectiveness in terms of delivery of desired results. However, one must use the device correctly to not only prevent potential penis injuries, but also for the purpose of ensuring achievement of optimal outcome.

The user must begin by reading the manual provided by the manufacturer. This manual is very useful as specific instructions regarding the device are usually provided. Of course, there are different brands of penis extenders available on the market today. However, the use of each of them is pretty much standard. In that case, below is a step by step guide on how to use a penis extender. At the very least, these are common stages for all the penis extenders' use.

First and foremost, it is important to ensure that one side of the straps is adequately fastened to the extender. This is done to make sure that the strap stays in place when the device is being used on the penis. More often than not, penis extenders users are advised to let the strap remain unattached on the dominant hand of the extender.

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Secondly, using your non dominant hand, hold your penis slightly below the glans. The penis should be pulled towards to cradle of the device. When the dick is in place and having ensured that the grip is in the right place (just below the glans) the strap should be slid up as well as over the cock. Comfort is of utmost importance in this stage. Ensure that your penis glans is held tightly, yet sufficiently comfortable for you. If you are looking for additional comfort, put the extra slack of the penis skin above the point of grip of the straps. This method also provides enhanced protections to both the frenulum and the glans.

Thirdly, the strap of the extender should be put through the opening. Make sure that it is secured tightly. Your third leg must still be in place, using the other hand. The next thing entails securing the other side of the strap with your dominant hand. It is important to make sure that sufficient tension is put on the penis. This is done to ensure that it remains intact, particularly because the glans is known to slide out of the strap- due to lack of enough tension.

The final step entails the re-tightening of the strap on each side. The objective is to deliver a sufficiently tight grip. As already stated, the glans mustn't slide out of the strap's grip. At this point, care must be taken to avoid putting unnecessary tension on your penis. The tightness of the straps must be reasonable to avoid pulling the shaft skin through the opening. If this happens, you will notice immediately as it's usually very painful.

Basically, these are the four standard steps associated with the use of penis extenders.

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