The Pros And Cons Of Penis Enlargement Devices

Penis enlargement is fast becoming one of the most sought after improvement for men. Men look for the most effective penis enlargement techniques to give theirs a boost with the belief that the bigger the penis is the better sex you get. Actually, a study revealed that this is actually true. Women look for a bigger penis with a larger girth as well since they associate a huge package with great sex. So there are penis enlargement pills, patches, teas and supplements but one of the most controversial of all is the use of penis enlargement devices. To help you make a choice, here is a list of the possible advantages and disadvantages in the use of these devices:


  • No need to take pills, no side effects

    The fact that you do not need to take any formulas or drugs to increase penis size, these are safer than pills and patches. There are no side effects such as increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and flushing.

  • Most devices are affordable

    Most of these penis enlargement devices are made of plastic and are very affordable. Some users even have more than one device at hand. You may even get discounts online making purchase more affordable.

  • No need to subject yourself to dangerous surgical procedures

    A lot of men that seek instant and lasting larger penises succumb to surgical procedures. But despite the effectiveness, surgeries place the person at risk for infections, post-surgical pain and other complications. Using an external device eliminates all these side effects.

  • Increases the actual capacity of the penis

    Some devices are constructed to not just increase penis size but also increase the capacity of the penis and these results in longer-lasting erections 100% of the time.

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  • Must follow instructions carefully

    One of the most challenging parts of using penis enlargement devices is that the user should follow instructions carefully to be able to use the device correctly. Following instructions will also reduce side effects and pain that is commonly felt during the initial times that it is used.

  • Some report pain

    Pain is one of the most common complaints since the penis is subjected to all sorts of movements such as massaging, placing pressure, pumping and so much more. The penis is a highly sensitive organ and thus while soft movements could satisfy men, hard movements such as pumping and pressure could be very painful.

  • Must use regularly

    To be completely effective, penis pumps should be used regularly and oftentimes men are so eager to use these products that these could result in more pain and injury to the penis.

  • Could lead to injury

    When user improperly and without referring to the instruction manual, these devices could become dangerous and could inflict injury. Penis pumps for instance could engorge the penis body and could scratch or injure the outer portion of the organ. And of course getting treatment for an injury of the penis due to using penis enlargement devices could be very embarrassing!

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