5 Steps That Make The Most Out Of Your Penis Extender

Use the following five tips to make the most out of your penis extender:

  1. Set up a penis enlargement routine

This is a must have for anyone that wants to succeed in his male enhancement program. In the absence of a predetermined schedule, you will hardly succeed in your male enhancement endeavour. In that regard, begin by deciding what time of the day you will be wearing your penis extender. This will go a long way in helping you prevent possible procrastinations on those days you don't feel like doing anything. Commitment on your part is imperative when it comes to extender use. Find the determination to wear your penis extender regularly and for the recommended number of hours on a daily basis.

  1. Purchase a quality device

As you must already have realised, there are many different types and brands of penis extenders. Before committing your hard earned money, make sure you have selected from the best of best. Quality devices offer a good comfort system, is made of a durable material and is highly effective (use penis extender reviews to establish this important fact). A quality device will keep you protected from potential harm associated with extender use. Also, it will not snap within the first few weeks of usage. Should this happen, it will mean putting a halt on your PE program. In that regard, ensure you have invested in a quality penis extender device.

  1. Understand how to use the extender

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Improper use of the extender is dangerous to the health of your penis and your sexual capabilities. Read the instructional manual carefully and thoroughly. Understand everything that needs to be understood. If there is something that isn't clear to you, take the initiative of asking for help. You can always contact the manufacturer or the seller for further clarification. Improper use of the device can lead to penis injuries. In worst case scenarios, you might have to deal with erectile dysfunction. The straps shouldn't be excessively tight. You should experience a certain level of comfort. If you experience pain while wearing the extender, discontinue use immediately.

  1. Don't be in a hurry

It is always advisable that you begin slow and then work your way up. A quality penis extender has a way of determining the amount of tension applied on the penis. Look out for notches or any other mark. Apply minimal, yet reasonable pressure at the beginning. Your dick should be given enough time to adjust to the apparent changes. As the penis begins to get accustomed to the pressure, you may add more force. Within the first few weeks, avoid being overly aggressive. Application of too much pressure may cause penis shocks which are bad for your male enhancement program.

  1. Realistic Goals

While setting your male enhancement goals, the importance of having realistic goals cannot be overemphasised. The last things you want to deal with are frustrations and disappointments associated with setting unrealistic goals. In that case, set achievable goals depending on where you stand at present. Take your penis measurements before you start using the extender to know exactly where you stand- if you wish to increase penis length, girth or both.

Avoid taking penis measurements too often as this can be a source of frustrations. Wait for several weeks to go by before measuring again. Also, exercise a lot of patience as results aren't generated overnight. It will take you up to six months for you to witness significant changes in your penis size or shape.

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