Things That Men Shouldn't Be Saying While Trying To Attract The Women Of Their Dreams

Love is highly addictive. Just with a touch of love everyone becomes a poet in their own way. Longing for a soul mate is a basic instinct. Only a lonely heart can understand the importance of reaching out to a lover and commit to one. This secret desire and yearning can be satiated by finding the right partner through dating online. It is the best way to fill the void in one's life. Though there is no methodology to find the right person, yet there are few cardinal rules one should follow.

  • Give priority to love and not lust. Some women might not like it if you try to rush too much on sex.
  • Try to understand how comfortable you feel in each other's company. Don't let personality or good looks bind the conversation.
  • Try to find out the common interests like nature walks, playing an instrument, reading, favorite cuisine, etc.
  • Plan outings frequently like going to theatre or movies, which will give ample of time to spend with each other.
  • Never try to find yourself in your lover and let them have their own individuality. This will bring more compatibility and freedom in your relationship.
  • Try to fit in each other's friend circle because they are mirror of a person. Spending time with them would let you strengthen the bond and understand your date well.

Converse As Much As You Can

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Dating is not about matching outward circumstances, but meeting your inner necessity. Thus, it is recommended that you converse as much as you can. However, do not go overboard with praises or drool over her. Compelling the other person to live only by your likes and dislikes is the last thing one should do. Let them be free and have an open heart talk with you.

Your conversations need to reflect a genuine interest in her. It's the right way to understand whether the person is getting bored or is interested in you. However, if you both are constantly on phone or Facebook and can't miss each other for a minute, then bingo, you have hit the jackpot.

Tips For A Steady Relationship

If you have achieved a blissful relationship, then try maintaining it. Apart from doing various activities together, charge oneself up. Once in a while question yourself whether everything between you and your soul mate is alright. The more you give and invest in it, the more return you will get. Always try to see your partner as your confidant and a person with whom you can share each and every nitty gritty of life.

Continue pampering each other and keep exploring more options to spend time with each other. Even a game of scrabble or a long drive would pump up enough fuel. Always be ready to express your love and keep working on how to manifest your romantic side. It is suggested that you do not forget anniversaries, or other important dates like going to a party or disco. Try to send cute e-mails, e-cards and messages to each other.

How Not To Lose Your Partner?

Don't question each other about other man/woman in their lives. They could be just colleagues or friends. Have trust and faith in each other. Try not to bring suspicion in your relationship. Always talk about any insecurities and have clear vision about each other's future and share them.

All these tips will save you from losing her and have the best time together.

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