Five Things You Probably Didn't Know About Your Penis Extender

So, you have already purchased the best extender in the market. Better still, you have already started using it. Well, congratulations for making this critical and rewarding decision. So far, I bet you know almost everything that you need to know about your penis extender. On the same note, I can tell you for free that there are other things that you really don't know.

Here, you will find five things that you probably don't know about your male enhancement device.

  1. You can use it alongside other methods of penis enlargement

In its own right, the penis extender is highly effective. A good number of men have used it to enlarge their dicks and solve other penis problems. What many people don't know is that the penis extenders can become more efficient if used alongside other products of male enhancement.

Penis exercise, for instance, can help speed up the process of male enhancement. Experts recommend penis exercise before extender usage. At the beginning of every session, try and give your dick a warm up. It also helps to ease possible discomfort brought about by the extender. Penis pills and creams are also very useful when it comes to extender use.

  1. It can correct Peyronie's disease

If your penis isn't as straight as it is supposed to be, your penis extender can perform the miracle of straightening it. Penile curvature isn't exactly appealing. Women love the cock to be as straight as possible. It is more sexually appealing. Besides, a straight wiener makes the sexual encounter more pleasurable. If used as recommended, you are guaranteed of more than an enlarged schlong.

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  1. It actually does work

Most probably, you don't have as much faith in your penis extender. Maybe you are just trying it to see if it actually works. The truth of the matter is, traction devices have always given men bigger penises. It is not just about the length. Apparently, your penis extender can also give you a wider penis. This is just incredible. Did you know that men have a bigger preference for a thicker penis than a long one? Well, now you know. In a couple of months, if disciplined is maintained, you will begin to witness a lengthier and wider wiener.

  1. The principle behind the effectiveness of a penis extender

For you to have confidence in the effectiveness of your device, the principle behind its operation must be understood. As the two fastening points hold your penis in place, the rods are for stretching the penile tissue. The tissue obtains micro tears over time. Through the normal healing and growth process of the body, cells multiplication occurs and consequently causing the permanent growth of your member. Typically, all the traction devices use this principle.

  1. It can be worn in public

The most ideal place to wear the penis extender is at home. However, considering how demanding life has become, you might find it difficult to do so. If the nature of your job doesn't involve a lot of physical work, you may wear it while going to work. Upon wearing it for the recommended number of hours, you can find somewhere private, such as the washroom and take it off. It is advisable that you neither underuse nor overuse the device.

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