Penis Extenders VS Surgical Intervention: The Final Showdown

Studies have revealed that the penis size can be increased through various methods or products. Of course, the approach used varies depending on the tastes and preferences of an individual. The numerous methods available to the male population include penis weights, extenders, exercises, pumps, surgeries and even male enhancement pills. Today, we will compare penis extenders and penis surgeries. If you are stuck between these two, the information provided here might be helpful. Comparisons have been made using three important factors that people care about. They include anonymity associated with a penis enlargement method, pain and time taken to recover as well as the cost benefits.

  1. Anonymity

When you make an order for a penis extender from any of the organizations, you get the true serenity that your request will be sent with utmost discretion. Nobody ever recognizes what is inside the package. On the other hand, when you for penis enlargement surgery you will see and need to talk with various individuals from Secretary to the surgeons. While the possibility of them discussing you to somebody you know is negligible, it is not impossible. If you doctor friends, you will know exactly what I am speaking about. For this reason, penis extenders offer more privacy and confidentiality than penis enhancement surgery. But then again, this aspect is dependent on how an individual takes it. There are some men who really don't mind if someone ever finds out what they are up to.

  1. Pain and recovery time

A penile stretching device applies traction to your penis gently. You may feel some uneasiness at first as you get used to utilizing the device. It is usually more of an unusual feeling than a discomfort. However, that is all. The time it takes to accomplish any type of result with a penis extender is around three months on average. Of course, this is dependent on the extent to which, as well as how regularly you wear the device. From the very first moment and for the duration of the time you utilize your extender you can still make use of your dick normally. That implies you can engage in sexual relations or even masturbate as much as you want.

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When it comes to surgery, things are quite different. While male enhancement surgery can just take 40 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the technology being utilized, a patient will require from 1 to 7 days before coming back to work. While penis surgery can be done under local anesthesia alongside sedation, the most preferred and efficient approach is the full anesthesia.

The patient will likewise require a prescription of pain medication to manage the pain associated with surgery for some days later. Typically patients are requested to not engage in sexual activities for six weeks post surgery. The majority of patients are given anti-erection medication to avoid painful and most importantly, damaging erections immediately after penis surgery.

  1. Cost benefits

The most solid penis extenders can cost you anywhere between 99 and 350 dollars- for a high-quality device. Contrast this with male enhancement surgery. On average, a penis enlargement surgery costs between 3500 and 5000 dollars. The national average is about $6750. Depending on the experience of the surgeon, the nature of the facility and other factors considered, surgeries can even cost more than $10000.

To worsen the matter, male enhancement surgeries aren't covered by insurance plans. This is because they are termed as lifestyle change procedure. One of the ways of keeping the costs down is to practice medical tourism. Some men decide to visit Thailand to undergo penis enlargement surgery. On the other hand, this comes with its difficulties as well. For instance, follow-up, as well as the hot climate in Thailand, exposes the patient to potential after surgery infections.

By now, you must already know which way to go. Now, the ball is in your court.

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