Making Women View You As Higher Value Than Other Men

You have your eyes on a beautiful woman and she even does not notice you. It is quite disappointing, isn't it? Have you ever wondered why she failed to notice you? You might have come up with a variety of reasons such as height, better looks, rich etc. Nevertheless that is not the only reason. She likes to be around with someone who is good and amusing.

Why Demonstrating a High Value Work

Any attractive woman is confident that they can get any guy they lay their eyes on. You might actually see her surrounded by quite a number of males, some fetching her drinks, others trying to initiate a conversation with her. When she is bombarded with these many male attentions, why will she look at you?

You need to grab her attention, without making it too obvious, but how do you do that? The answer is to play hard to get. Many women like to face challenges and if she is of that type, then you can be assured that she will do her best to hit on you.

Playing hard to get does not mean that you need to show her your attitude. It will have the opposite effect and make you look like an arrogant jerk. If she is the type that likes men who do not fall at her feet all the time, then you demonstrating a higher value when compared to other men might definitely grab her attention to you.

Getting Her to Notice You

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The woman you are trying to attract is hot and you are dying to have her look at you. What do you do? If she is standing by the bar, then go next to her and buy a drink for yourself. Look at her and give her a smile or a salute while you await your drink.

She might notice you then. Initiate a conversation, but keep it basic. Talk about the bar, or anything that does not revolve around her. She will definitely get curious as to why you are not complimenting her or offering to buy her a drink.

Walk away. Her curiosity might get the better of her and she might actually try to bring your attention back to her. If she of the type who was looking for a way out of her surrounding fan club, she might approach you and introduce herself.

Topic for Conversation

Now that you have got her attention, you might not want to lose the opportunity. Strike a conversation that is light and at the same time cocky and funny. This will actually act as an icebreaker and you might actually come to know more about her.

Bear in mind not to boast about yourself, you work or relationships. This is a definite turn off and she might actually place you in the same basket as her male fan club. Make her feel that you are genuinely interested to hear what she has to say and give your opinions and advice if she asks for it.

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