Misconceptions About Penis Size And Penis Extenders

The fact that men worry about the size of their penises is irrefutable. Although it is an odd topic for the majority of men, this is something that has great significance even on the overall well being of the male population. Men have a lot of questions surrounding the size of their members. They wonder which size is the best, what women like, the standard penis size and numerous other things.

A good number of men are already wondering whether they need a penis extender and if yes, what it can help them achieve. A lot of them who have already decided to invest in a penis extender don't know which one to choose- considering that there are so many of them on the market today. It can be quite confusing.

Unfortunately, the majority of these questions are never answered as they should. This has led to a crop up of various misconceptions associated with penis size and penis extenders. Today, we clear these misconceptions by offering genuine responses to the questions that men have lingering in their minds.

What is the average penis size?

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It is important for us to distinguish normal from average. A lot of people tend to think that average means the baseline- where most of the elements fall. In retrospect, mathematical averages do not amount to the same thing as a baseline or normal. To obtain an average, a set of numbers are added up and the total is divided by the number of figures in the set. The average penis size when erect measures 5.5 inches. This shouldn't be interpreted to mean that the majority of men fall here. It should be understood that there are as many men who measure below the average size as there are those measuring more than 5.5 inches in terms of length.

A big penis is what a man needs to satisfy a woman

This is a huge misconception that has unfortunately ruined a couple of relationships. Men who share this sentiments fall victim of low self-esteem and confidence. They are unable to enjoy stable romantic relationships. They are constantly afraid that they don't have what it takes to satisfy a woman in bed.

One doesn't necessarily require a big penis to perform exceptionally in bed. You will be surprised to know that there are men who are large, yet unable to sexually satisfy their partners. Sexual satisfaction is dependent on a bunch of factors. From the way you communicate with your partner to the willingness to explore different sexual styles and positions and many other things. It is about eating right to gain sexual stamina as well as remaining physically fit and in the right shape. Additionally, you must exhibit a lot of confidence if you want to attract and satisfy your partners.

Should you desire to increase your penis size; a penis extender will come in handy. Just don't expect to gain more than two inches. Also, don't be in a hurry to obtain a bigger dick. When using a penis extender, a couple of months will go by before you can witness visible results. Of the essence is to choose a high-quality device and then use it as instructed.

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