Top 3 Tips To Get More Dates

Dating a woman is not as easy as most men think. If you are good looking, then you are sure to have many women following you around. However, just being good looking does not help. There are many other qualities that please a woman. It takes more than a smile to win a woman, who would love to go out on a date with you.

Your smile will break the barrier and allow you to make the first move, which is greeting her. Your tone, the words you choose and your body language are a few things that you need to watch out for. While approaching the lady that interests you, you'll also need to ensure that you are dressed nicely.

It is not about expensive clothes, but it's all about how well you carry whatever you wear. Your clothes should be neat and clean, and you should be comfortable in them. Wearing something too tight or loose might make you uncomfortable, and you might end up embarrassing yourself. Keeping up with the latest fashion is a good thing, but you should buy what suits you.

Mentioned below are three important tips, which will surely help you, if you are interested to go out on a date with women.

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Tips 1: Make sure that you approach more women, so that it becomes easier for you to come close to any type of women

Do I need to further elaborate on this point? It is more like practice makes a man perfect. If you interact with more number of women then you will become more comfortable to talk to them freely. This will help you to bond with them in a better way and you can go out on a date with any woman of your choice. Therefore, remember not to feel shy talking to any women, as more you talk to them it will be easier for you to approach them better.

Tips 2: Try to complement the woman you are talking to

Remember that women are very particular about their looks and they will be encouraged if someone gives them a good compliment about their looks. However, you must be able to figure out an appropriate time to do this. Also, you must know that your compliments must be honest and sincere. Women can easily make out, if your compliments are not genuine and they are just to flatter them. If you are really serious about a woman then appreciate her dress sense and the way she carries herself.

Tips 3: Do not feel shy to tell that you are a perfect match for her

This might be the most important and difficult task for a man to tell. Before you express your true feelings to her you must also know what she feels about you. If you do not take enough initiative to express your true feelings then you will probably end up as a good friend to her for the rest of your life.

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