Approaching Women At Bars And Pubs - Can It Work For You Now?

To ask a woman for a date is not as easy as taking an appointment with a dentist or business associate. For some it is quite confusing and puzzling to speak to lady of their choice for first time, let alone asking out for a date. You need some tips to have an enjoyable evening with her.

In your younger days, it might have been fin getting to know new women in pubs and bars. It might not really works when you grow up into a responsible working man. Even your friends who used to give you company might have settled down with their own relationships with women.

When you meet someone whom you are attracted towards, ensure to take care of everything that might ruin the fun of the day. You certainly don't want to create wrong impression in her mind, as she is too attractive and you like her a lot. Don't pressurize yourself to do the right things, as it might go wrong.

Dating or hanging out?

Dating is altogether different from hanging out with your friends. It is a pairing of two people who come together to know if they can get along with each other well. It is perhaps the first step towards starting a long term relationship. If everything works pretty fine then you can hopefully take it up from there.

The common mistakes done by you:

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  • Don't lose your confidence, by thinking what will be the response of the lady. Sometimes you might end up uttering wrong words and may act weird.
  • Hesitation plays a great negative part. You wait for the right time and the situation sometime slips out of your hand.
  • You plan a formal date, but the lady declines, it is often observed that girls like to have casual date rather than a formal one.
  • Your arrangement is replica of the romantic date you watch in movies, which in truth is not expected by today's women. They will like to know more about you before proceeding ahead with the relationship.
  • Sometimes men let the lady to pay for the expenses, which does not create good impression.

Asking a woman doesn't need lot of skill and craft. It needs only proper action and attitude to make them say yes for your first time of togetherness.

Some tips to assist you to have date with girl of your choice:

Always try to be yourself. Men in confusion try to impress the opposite sex as a hero in a movie would do. Girl likes their man to be honest and be themselves. Keep high your positive attitude as it will help you in hiding your anxiety or nervousness. Be poised while answering her questions, without any hesitation.

Be polite and don't beat around the bush as more often it is found that flattering never succeeds with sensible girls. They like their boyfriends to speak direct and in short terms. Try to come out of your shyness and tell her how much interested you are in her friendship. Let her talk about herself, like her ambitions, childhood and her family.

Don't look like a sloppy person, dress neat according to the place you are going to have the meeting. Make yourself presentable every way. Maintaining eye contact brings in lots of difference. It shows that you are confident, self assured, and you are really interested in her.

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