Penis Enlargement Weights

Among the most common ancient methods of penis enlargement are the penis weights. They go way back! There is a common belief that by hanging relevant weights on the male member, it can increase in terms of length. What is more, unlike some penis enlargement products such as vacuum pumps, there is a common belief that the use of penis weights delivers permanent penis gains.

The mechanism of penis weights

Just how do the penis weights work? It works pretty much as the penis enlargement devices such as extenders do. Apparently, if a penis is exposed to some pressure or external force, it deforms permanently. Penis tissues are said to have a certain amount of elasticity. In that regard, when penis weights are subjected to the organ and for a long time, the penis tissues stretch.

As a result, the penis appears longer. The fact that it is the penis tissue that stretches explains why the gains are permanent. The time taken to attain these permanent gains differs from one individual to another. It is dependent on the tissue elasticity as well as the time required for the said tissues to lose their elasticity. It also depends on the number of hours a person hangs the penis weights on any given day.

How to hang the penis weights

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Someone may think that the processing of hanging weights is pretty simple. Of course, that's how it would appear to anyone. However, if you are considering using the penis weights, it is imperative that you exercise utmost caution. So, what does one need? First and foremost, ensure that you have three vital things- hanger, a wrapping material and weights.

Of course, the weights must be selected carefully. In the beginning, choose lighter weights and then increase them gradually as your penis begin to get accustomed to the process. This is advised to avoid possible injuries to your manhood. Some of the weights that one may use include water bottles, rocks, stones and even dumbbells- if you aren't purchasing the commercially available ones. Of utmost importance is to know the exact weights you are hanging on your third leg.

A hanger comes in handy as it helps to protect your cock from suffering potential injuries. Although it is available in the market, you may also make yours at home. Don't forget to use the wrapping material for the purpose of effective results. A simple loose cloth should do in this case.

Precaution tips

Just like any other penis enlargement devices, it is advisable that you start slow. This is one of the most ways of avoiding injury and irreversible damage to the penis. Also, understand that the use of penis weights demands time, determination, patience and even dedication. You will need these important virtues to witness desired results.

You may want to consider warming up your cock for a minimum of ten minutes of heat prior to application of weights. After choosing the penis weights, hang them for the first twenty minutes per day for around three to four times in a week without adding more than two pounds weekly. After every session, take another twenty minutes to cool down the penis. Whatever you do, remember to take the process nice and slow. This will not only help you attain your objectives, but you will also be able to prevent injuries.

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