Common Penile Injuries From Vacuum Pumping

Typically, in its simplest definition, a penis pump is a cylinder where the penis is inserted. The objective is for the motorised or manual pump to create suction. Upon the creation of the vacuum, more blood flows into the penis making it become engorged. Apart from the popular penis enlargement, penis pumps are also known for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence as well as a tool for masturbation.

Perfection is impossible to accomplish in this life. There will always be something missing no matter what. The least the world and its population can do is come close to perfection- just close. Perhaps this is the reason we are constantly looking for ways to improve our lives including our personalities. Well, a penis pump is not perfect either. Individuals who are using, or planning to use this device to realise their penis enhancement goals must come alive to the common penile injuries associated with penis pumping.

Some of these possible injuries have been explained here.

Bruising, blisters, Swelling and squishy erections

This is usually a short-term problem. It is a common issue for users of penis pumps to experience either a temporary swell or squishy erections. Also, small hematomas (bruises) are a common occurrence when one is using the devices. This normally happens when the body tissues are exposed to pressure or strain. It is characterised by the rising of blood to the surface of the skin and forming a purplish hue.

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If you are like most of the people, the bruising should disappear on its own in a just a few days. However, should the described symptoms fail to go within a week; it is advisable that you consult your physician. However, the swelling, squishy erections and bruising are common side effects at the beginning.

What is the damage like? You must already be wondering. Well, the size of the damage is usually dependent on where the hematoma occurs. The most sensitive part is the penis heads- in that case; small blood vessels might even burst. On the other hand, penis shaft skin is thicker and thus at a lower risk of bruising. If you happen to see bruises on the penis shaft, it is time to slow down brother! It is evident that you are over pumping your penis.

Blisters can be extremely painful and mostly forms around the penile glands. This part of the penis has a notably delicate skin. Just like the usual blisters, it entails forming a bubble fluid under the skin. They are more painful when there is added friction. If blisters have formed, sex and continued pumping can worsen the pain and the blister could pop.

Damaged blood vessels

This happens when excessive pressure is put on the penis, or when pressure occurs too fasts. If this happens, you are a looking at a possible rupturing of the blood vessels. Supposing that no serious injury occurs, you might end up experiencing extreme pain, swelling and bruising.

Pumping should be performed carefully to prevent injuries. Over pumping can result in the bursting of blood vessels and formation of blisters. At times, the testicles can be pulled into the cylinder and you can imagine the nature of pain that this may cause. The cylinder rim can also cut into the skin and cause damage to the ligaments that surrounds the penis.

Ensure to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer, and also, follow them to the latter. Also, avoid using the penis pump more than is advised. One more thing; understand that penis pumps are not all equal. Research and invest in a good penis pump. The secret is to purchase from a reputable manufacturer.

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