Making A Homemade Vibrating Penis Pump

DIY is increasingly becoming a popular trend in recent years. One of the things that are driving people to DIY is the need to save a few bucks. Others do it to put their creativity to work while some do it to make use of items that are no longer in use. One of the things that you can make from the comfort of your home is a vibrating penis pump. Of the essence is to familiarise yourself with the mechanics as well as the materials needed to make this happen.

People find penis pumps very useful. Unfortunately, they aren't much fun. If you have an old penis pump in your house or one that you aren't using, you will find this information extremely useful. You can actually turn it into a vibrating masturbator. Would you love that?

How to go about it

For starters, you must have a penis pump. If you don't have one in your house, you can opt for a cheap introductory toy. Besides, it wouldn't make sense using a penis pump that cost you a substantial amount of money.

The second item needed to achieve your objective is a vibrator. I suggest using an old device that lies somewhere in your bedroom. However, if you don't already own one, you may use a conventional vibrator; the ones that take the shape of a cylinder. Now that we are trying to save on costs, it is best to source, cheap, yet useful materials. Luckily, traditional vibrators are lowly priced. You won't have difficulties gathering the materials needed to make a vibrating penis pump.

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Measurements of the materials

The measurements of the vibrator and penis pump must be taken- ensure they are the same size. Spend sufficient time to read the measurements of the vibrator. They are normally sized in accordance with their insertable length. This means that they might be longer than the measurement listed. Additionally, it is more advisable to use a waterproof vibrator. This way, you will not be limited as to where you can use your vibrating penis pump- including the shower.

This is the difficult part, maybe! The vibrator should then be lined beside the penis pump. There should be sufficient space to access the controls as well as replace batteries when need be. To keep the vibrator and penis pump intact, use a duct tape. Use just enough of the duct tape to make sure that the vibrator is in place. If you have gotten it right to this far, you already have a penis vibrator.

You may decide to use the pump function because it is still operational. It can come extremely in handy as far as additional stimulation is concerned. Imagine having a vibrating penis pump capable of sucking your dick simultaneously. There aren't enough words to describe the intense feeling experienced with the use of this incredible device.

I hope you like it. However, if you don't like your newly made penis vibrator, you can dismantle it. You will still find the vibrator useful.

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