Paying For Penis Enlargement Surgery

One of the biggest difficulties associated with penis surgery is the high cost involved. Penis enlargement surgery is undoubtedly the most expensive method of penis enhancement- especially if you include the post surgery treatment costs. For this reason, among the most important factors that one must put into account when considering penis enhancement surgery is the cost.

How much is the penis surgery worth? Secondly, how do you meet the cost of penis surgery? Do insurance companies provide funds for penis enlargement surgery? Let’s consider each of these issues separately.

What is the cost of penis surgery?

Just like any other surgery, penis enlargement surgery is an expensive affair. The costs of penis surgery may range from £1000 to around £5000- or even more. This cost will vary depending on the clinic or hospital where it’s done as well as the reputation of the surgeon. Different types of penis surgery will also have varying costs. You are either undergoing a penis lengthening procedure or one meant to increase the penis circumference, popularly known as the girth. Penis lengthening surgery is more expensive than penis girth surgery.

The following guide provides rough estimates of the different types of procedures.

  • Penis lengthening surgery costs between £3500 and £5000

  • Penis girth surgery costs between £1000 and £2500

  • A combination of both operations costs approximately £5000 or more

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If you are considering increasing both the penis length and girth, it is more cost friendly to have the operations performed at the same time- instead of separate sessions.

How to meet the cost of penis surgery

Unfortunately, penis surgery isn’t covered by National Health Service (NHS) or other insurance company. Prospective patients are encouraged to visit their general practitioners before embarking upon penis enhancement. Apart from providing you with advice and guidance, your general health practitioner might be able to refer you to a local NHS facility where you can be treated under certain favorable circumstances.

The National Health Service has set out a number of stipulations on how to have cosmetic surgery performed through it. They include:

  • For one to qualify for cosmetic surgery via NHS, he must adequately meet particular criteria that are specified by the local health authority. This means that the NHS will and does not meet the costs of cosmetic surgery alone. Otherwise, the cost of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery for correcting or improving congenital abnormalities as well as injuries will be met fully by NHS.

  • One must have a referral from a general practitioner to receive cosmetic surgery via NHS. A consultation is done with a plastic surgeon as well as an assessment by a psychiatrist or psychologist. These evaluations are usually done to determine where there is sufficient potential psychological, social or physical benefit that justifies the performance of the surgery.

If your case isn’t within the guidelines set out by National Health Service, you will be required to pay for the surgery from your pocket. This means finding a reputable private clinic as well as a renowned cosmetic surgeon. Your GP might also have some recommendations.

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