Do Penis Enlargement Pumps Really Work?

At some point in time, you must have wished your wiener was a bit bigger. Are you currently dealing with an erectile dysfunction problem? Do you find it difficult to maintain erections long enough to enjoy sex maximally? A lot of men have silently wished – not once or even twice. In as much as almost every man has desired a larger penis, it is surprising that only a few do something about it. Why wallow in self-pity while you can actually change the size and the functionality of your penis?

Penis enlargement pumps provide an incredible way of dealing with your sexual challenges head on. I know what you are about to ask- do penis enlargement pumps really work? I have heard this question more than a thousand times now. Well, it is okay for you to examine the effectiveness of a penis enlargement product. No one wants to waste their time and money on a product that delivers nothing but frustrations.

Uses of penis enlargement pump

Penis pumps enjoy a reputation for being able to produce fast and effective results. They were discovered and patented in 1971 by Otto Ledever- an Austrian inventor. He is known as the man behind the first ever successful vacuum penis pump. Besides being of great help to men with weak or no erections at all, penis enlargement pumps are an ideal approach for penis size increase. The two primary types of penis pumps are:

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  • Water based pumps and

  • Air penis pumps

Both of these pumps are efficient and safe to use. However, before buying any penis pump, it is advisable for you to understand the differences between the two. How does each one of them operate? Which one is the most appropriate for me? These are some of the questions that you must ask yourself.

Medical experts usually view the penis pump as a reasonable as well as an inexpensive treatment option for erectile dysfunction. A report done by the American Urological Association reveals that penis pumps are useful where PDE5-inhibitor medications such as Viagra have proved not to work. Regardless, the majority of men or couples suffering from erectile problems don’t utilise penis pumps. According to AUA reports, the little usage of penis pumps is blamed on the low rate of patient acceptability.

Every good penis pump contains an acrylic tube and a mechanism for pumping. The pumping mechanism could come in the form of a squeeze ball, a plunger, a hand grip or even an electric device. The objective is to pump the air out of the cylinder to cause a vacuum. When the vacuum is created, the flow of blood to the penis erectile tissue increases considerably. With the use of a lubricant, a constriction band is the slid to the penis base. This helps the user to maintain an erection after the tube is removed.

Penis enlargement pumps are also said to be useful in cases of penis rehabilitation. Procedures such as prostatectomy have the potential to result in temporary impotence due to nerve damage. If someone stays for a long time without experiencing spontaneous erections, some of the penile tissues can atrophy. This can lead to permanent dysfunction. The use of a penis pump after the operation can significantly help to keep this possible damage at bay.

Finally, penis pumps can be used to increase the length and girth of the penis. However, this usually takes a couple of months. Besides, you are required to use the penis pumps three or four times weekly (30 minutes per session). They are also incredible tools for masturbation. They are very useful during those moments when someone is sexually excited and only interested in getting that quick release.

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