Penis Enlargement Surgery

Today, more than ever, people are a little bit more comfortable with surgeries. In the past decades, surgeries almost spelt doom for the individual undergoing. Advancement in technology has significantly contributed to the positive perception that people have with regards to surgery in recent years. It is no wondered that some men are willing to go through surgery to enlarge their male members. Apparently, men are so desperate to increase their penises, that some of them are more than ready to go under the knife. In modern days, undergoing penis enlargement surgery isn’t such a big thing.

Are you considering penis enlargement surgery? There are a lot of stuff that you must know before making the ultimate decision. Being in the know helps you make informed decisions. It goes a long way in assisting you to make penis enlargement decisions that you aren’t going to regret.

In the world of penis size, one could either of two challenges – or even both. It could be you are having issues with the size of your penis girth, length, or both. The good thing about penis enlargement surgery, you can increase both the girth and the length. It is imperative for you to understand what to expect in the two types of operations. Let us consider them in detail.

Penis length surgery

A lot of men looking for penis enlargement tend to have issues with their penis lengths. This explains why penis length surgery is the most commonly sought technique. It entails cutting the ligament attaching the member to the pubic bone. A skin graft is also performed at the penis base to permit extra length. According to penis enlargement surgeon, this form of surgery can deliver, on average, a gain of 2 centimetres to a flaccid penis.

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One of the disadvantages of penis length surgery is the loss of angle of an erect penis. This is mainly because the ligaments that supported the penis initially are cut. The erect cock will no long point as high as pre-surgery. The loss of angle potentially makes sex intercourse a little bit uncomfortable. You and your partner are forced to do more manoeuvring than before. Another disadvantage is the unavailability of funds by NHS- mainly because it is considered cosmetic surgery. This means that you will be needed to chuck the money from your savings. One may end up spending up to £5000. It is quite expensive and this explains why a lot of men keep it at bay when considering penis enlargement.

Penis girth surgery

If you aren’t happy with your penis girth, you may want to consider penis girth surgery. The surgical method involves the injection of fat removed from another body part into the penis. Some reliable studies have reported girth increments of between 1.4 and 4 centimetres. Another method of increasing the penis girth (although still in the experimental stage) entails pulling back the penis skin to wrap a biodegradable frame around the penis shaft. The structure resembles a tube and is filled with tissue cells. According to experts, this method is better than injection of fat into the penis.

Factors to consider before undergoing penis surgery

  1. Find a reputable surgeon. The importance of finding a highly experienced surgeon cannot be overemphasised. There are so many specialists in the industry but only a few of them have the needed experience. You would rather pay a high amount but be guaranteed of your safety.

  2. Understand all the risks associated with penis surgery. Familiarise yourself with possible complications such as disfigurement, lumpiness, and infection as well as the worst case scenarios. A good doctor will make you aware of all the possible situations and the dangers involved. Having all the relevant facts will help you make a decision comfortably. Besides, should you decide to go ahead with it, you will be in a position to manage your expectations.

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