Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Really Work?

Undergoing surgery, even the most minor ones, can be such a scary experience. It is an experience characterised by fears, doubts, questions and a lot of uncertainties. The good news is that the majority of surgeries are elective. This means that the patient is given the chance to decide if the surgery is the best option for him or her. Of course, upon considering this option, you will have sufficient time to think about. This isn’t the kind of decision that you make in the morning and then knock at the surgeon’s office in the next one hour. The final decision should be made based on a well thought out plan. This is particularly the case if we are talking about male enhancement.

A good number of men have chosen to undergo surgery to lengthen or widen their penises. This just goes to show how desperate men are when it comes to changing what Mother Nature gave them. It is almost impossible to blame men for their insatiable character as far as the size of their cocks is concerned. Besides, how big or small someone is determines their masculinity – at least from the perception of the society.

So, does penis enlargement surgery really work? This question has been asked a million times already. Penile enlargement surgery is among the few PE techniques that deliver permanent penis gain solution. The penis is visually enlarged by slightly over one inch. The suspensory ligaments that hold the penis in position are cut. This permits the dick to descend. After recovering from penile surgery, experts recommend the use of stretching devices or weights to effect permanent gains. Scar tissue may occur following the procedure. Other unattractive occurrences include erections that point down and a hairy penis base.

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Another type of penis enlargement surgery entails a dermal implant. Fat cells are transplanted from other body parts such as the thighs to the penis. Typically, the head of the penis cannot be increased. This, in turn, makes the penis appear rather odd. At times, the distribution of the grafted fat cells may cause clumping and thus generating something short of a smooth penis surface. Unless a surgeon sees enough therapeutic reasons, he or she might refuse to conduct such a surgery.

Yes, penis enlargement surgery usually works. Just in case you are still wondering. However, you should know that it is an extremely risky procedure. Apparently, it is the most dangerous penis enlargement method available in the market. I don’t intend to scare you. Instead, it is important that you understand what you are about to put yourself into. Some men have successfully managed to increase their penis size through surgery. On the other hand, there are some who have had to contend with the negative consequences of a surgery gone wrong.

You enter the theatre room with an open mind. While it is okay to be optimistic, it is also important to understand that things could possibly go wrong. In the worst case situation, your penis could lose the ability to obtain an erection. You are looking at possible impotence, infections, scarring, bruising or even excessive bleeding. On the same note, should things turn out okay, you will have a bigger manhood, almost immediately.

At the end of the day, the decision to go through penis enlargement surgery should be personal.

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