Why Pickup Lines Can Ruin All Your Chances With Her

For quite some time, pickup lines have been greatly used by men as an attempt to impress a woman in the very first meeting. Misconception - the girl gives a thought to the line, and finds the guy interesting. Fact – He seems unoriginal, desperate, and creepy and she would never pay attention to.

The pickup line doesn't sound original, which creates wrong impression about you. Besides, there are many demerits of using these creepy lines. Hence, you need to be very careful while using these lines.

She Might Feel Offended

Believe it or not, but actually there have been numerous instances when girls feel offended by some pickup lines, which are said by you guys. You might have picked up some very hilarious and funny pick up line, which will make no sense to her. However, chances can be that she doesn't get the joke, and might feel good about it.

Now, will you then try to explain her that line and what you actually meant by that. Probably, you won't get the time for making that explanation anymore. Besides, even if you get a chance to do so, don't you think it would be really awkward then?

The Impression Of Being Unoriginal

To most of those beautiful and sexy girls out there in any bar or pub, there is nothing new with such pickup lines. They have been listening to these from desperate guys for long. Needless to mention, none of those guys were ever successful in impressing them.

Thus, when you use a typical pickup line, the very first impression will be wrong. She might take you to be an unoriginal individual, who doesn't do any thinking. Also, she might have heard a lot many times whatever you say in her favor.. Even if you are using some original one as created by your own-self then it might not also work, in your favor. You lose the very first chance of creating a good impression, forget about anything more.

She Thinks You Are Desperate

Often guys use some pickup lines that talks about her dress and her looks. There are chances that she might get a wrong impression about you. Nothing can be worse in-fact more pathetic for a guy than he being interpreted wrongly by any girl. He will loss all his chance of being close to her within no time.

Besides, with such pickup lines you also seem to be a guy who would just say that line to any other girl passing by. It will give you a creepy and roadside-Romeo kind of impression, and do you think that the girl is even going to turn to look at your face, never.

Hence, it's always advisable not only to avoid, but to completely forget about using a pickup line with a girl. Why to go with such an awkward and creepy approach, when you may easily impress her with a simple and confident approach. You can start with a simple “hello” or “how are you doing?” and get on with the conversation.

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